Is there anything missing?

So I feel like I’m posing this question in the right place, and I hope I get some good feedback.

I’m a college student and some friends and I were talking about ways we can make some money manufacturing a product. Granted they don’t yoyo, I keep thinking about all of these companies that have started up in the yoyoing scene and have done well.

I don’t want to be like everyone else and just start a yoyo manufacturing company, I am trying to be different and I would like some suggestions.

If you had to pick one thing that you feel is missing from the world of yoyoing what would it be? What could a group of guys get together and make that you think will be of interest to people. Competition is not an issue, I’m not expecting a one of a kind idea. I am just curious as to what would make the life of the yoyoer easier, better, or even just cooler.

Basically it just comes down to: What do you all see as something that is not really frequently found throughout these forums that you would like to get your hands on?

yoyos that can be lit on fire should be readily available :wink:

Interchangeable rims. I know werrd did the split d but those were just shape. I’m talking metal so you can change weight.

a thing? left handed string… man i would kill for something like this cause there is little of these being produced. that and some better yoyoing multi tools the only one you really find are the one from monkey finger and YYF

(For historical (sort of) completeness)

ok we just need a high performance metal version.

Maybe nickel plating?

It required knowledge in Chemistry.

A Lab/place without wood so you dont burn a whole in your floor.

You have to buy dangerous chemicals.

You have to buy other expensive stuff.

Not super ideal for a college student…

I’m really liking the ideas guys: Keep it coming! Let me know your favorite so far too :slight_smile: I’m on my desktop learning AutoCAD as I type lol.

So far here is what we’ve got:

Your Ideas:
Flaming yoyos (Not gonna happen)
Interchangeable Rim Yoyo - I’m actually looking into this now :slight_smile:
Left Handed String (Plausible, but I’m not left handed soooo maybe not the best choice)
Multi-tools - I also thought of this while I was at work! Maybe its a sign :o
Nickel Plating - I would be seriously interested in doing this. It my be tricky but if I could get good at it I’d be in business for sure

My Ideas:
Specialty Counter Weights
The multi-tools
Custom Wood Yo-Yo Display Shelves
Maybe YoYoExpert Related things? Things that they don’t have in the store.

Duncan Holds A Patent On Counter Weights So Be Carful. (Lol Caps For Everything!)

I wasnt planning on doing dice or anything that has been done, it would’ve been like just different shaped interesting object that I could maybe call “5A Weights” :wink:

Duncan holds the patent on Counter Weights. Not only dice and balls.

People have been stopped for Clay Counterweights.

Not trying to shut you down, just saying to be cautious.

Good luck!

Well I really appreciate the tips, mark that one off the list! I honestly don’t want to deal with that kind of stuff. Not worth the trouble…

They actually used to be. There was a metal yoyo a few years back that had a wick inside and holes in the body/caps that was designed to be lit on fire and used. They have been out of production for quite a while, though.

Don’t sell counter weights, sell keychain fobs. Just sayin’.

Very cleaver. But honestly, does anyone have any other ideas? I’m thinking that counter weights aren’t going to be the easiest, by far.

This just came to me… And it’s probably the best idea ever…“Yoyo… Clothing”…


You mean like clothing for your yoyos right :wink:

YES! It’s genius! Can’t you imagine a cowboy hat, specifically designed for a yoyo? It’s pure magnificence!

Let’s do it, you and I are gonna storm the yoyo scene together, everything from stilettos to leather dusters to baseball caps and gold chains. Lol