New Yoyo Product! Who would be interested?


There’s quite a bit that goes into the design of clothing patterns. You will almost certainly need to hire someone to develop the patterns considering this is uncharted territory. The domestic clothing manufacturers, what few are left, are not inexpensive. Overseas manufacturing will be necessary to keep the price point below $80 due to the fact that your volume will be low, even if your sales are decent. This is a niche product after all. Also, the material for the clear window that you are envisioning will become cloudy with repeated wash and wear.


Wait you guys never use fanny packs to store yoyos? I’ve been doing that for the last year or so


Maybe a shoulder sling to hold a single yoyo. Something small to be kept out of the way.

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Hey man, im just saying its kind of impractical to have yoyoing shorts just by a bloop or something


well i like the idea that you’re trying to solve these problems you’re having when carrying a yoyo but maybe designing clothing for the purpose of carrying your throw wouldn’t be such a thriving project. What I would recommend is trying to develop a yoyo holster that would eliminate these issues as a start, design this holster to suit your needs and then present it to the yoyo community for feedback. Unless your goal is to create and design this type of short then go for it but think about what is it that you’re trying to ultimately achieve through this. Being an entrepreneur requires a lot of “brainstorming”, a lot of experimenting, and trying to think of something the public might want and like.


I like it can we request what we want on the shorts