Yoyo lanyard?

Hey whenever I look at apparel on yoyo websites I always see Bags, Hats, Shirts but never lanyards. I would love to have yoyorecreation or a C3 lanyard but I never see one! Do you guys know where I can get one.


Lanyards would actually be pretty sweet! I never came across any yoyo themed Lanyards but would love you have me a YoYoExpert one! ;D

hmmm the metal part on the end would be a dinging hazard, like wearing a metal watch while throwing.

Put the lanyard down when throwing???

Lanyard would be a cool touch. I would love to have a yoyo factory or yoyo expert one. Be REALLY cool if you could personalize them with your favorit yoyo.

are we talking about the same lanyard? I mean the ones you get at like, a conference to state your business, company etc.

yeah, the ones you can hook keys on? Last I checked, yoyo expert is a business/ company. And I want a lanyard by them. XD

True, but you wouldn’t wear it when throwing. It’s like a yoyo holder bag, you wouldn’t wear it (I’m talking about one of those big strap bag things) when throwing.
By the way, I dinged by yoyo when I was throwing last month on my high school lanyard with the metal clip thing :’(

I think it’s a great idea

Lots of people also just put their keys in their pocket or purse and let the soft loop of the lanyard dangle out. Granted, that could get tangled with your throw, but it wouldn’t ding it.

Also, I’ve seen bunches of lanyards that are all plastic, so it’s really just the stuff you attach to it that would be the problem if you hang it around your neck.