The Ultimate Yo-Yo Clip

It fits my Duncan Imperial perfectly. Just a key-chain hook and a hair holder! For wider butterfly yo-yos the string can potentially tallow out. How do you travel with your yo-yo(s)?

Unknown holders. Three of them at ALL times. Hire end throws go in my pockets. I carry at least 6 throws on me at all times. But I’m hoping to get a custom leather holder from total artist soon!

total artist leather holder deal’ie-bob. This one is nice, however if you are worried about dinging your throw I wouldn’t use it. the button on the clip can be depressed under normal activity and once it is, it can just drop the yoyo at any point. It doesn’t normaly happen a lot for me. How ever I have had it happen several times in one day before. Just depends on what you are doing. most offten when it happens to me it happens because my seatbelt push’s the button. With that said I am a counterweight thrower and don’t care about any of that and use it as my only yoyo holder deal.
I used the yoyofactory ones for years, but all the ones I got for free have now died.
I also used a setup similar to the one you posted a pic of at one point.
Before all that I used an atomic cow custom paracord one. this one was my favorite but I wore it out and all attempts at making one similar have failed, plus I am lazy and got this fancy leather one for free.
Any yoyo that fits in my pants pocket I do that. but most of the time that makes it hard for me to take large steps up.

Love my Unknown Descender holder. Carry my Summit at all times. Don’t ever carry others because I worry about dinging them while I’m out and about. The summit is my one yoyo I’ve sacrificed to the dinging gods. (Though it’s still in great shape so far)


You must have big pockets.

Which unknown holder(s)? I love my descender.