Lanyard? YYE and other company's?

I really want a lanyard, and I think a YYE or any other company lanyard with their symbol on it all over would be nice.

Is it possible?

That would be pretty cool, i would buy one

Same here

Me too, I think the YYE one would be awesome.

Maybe YYF could make one and include a Multi tool.

I use a Duncan lanyard :slight_smile:

Though I can’t tell if it’s supposed to be “Yoyos are for cool kids, throw Duncan” or “Yoyos are for cool kids; cool kids throw Duncan”. I assume both.

The true tragedy is that I don’t own any Duncan yoyos :’(

Way to rep the VW :wink:

Where do ya get it.

Just pick up a FHZ and your good. Or a butterfly/Imperial at a Walmart or Kmart. Even a Reflex can be bought there

It was in my Secret Santa package from last year. Favorite thing that was in it.

Never cared for the FHZ. I plan on getting a Barracuda sometime, though.

Barracuda sounds good.

If you like V shape get a Metropolis. They have some good yoyos to paint.

How about this one?

Other stuff available too:


I make wrist lanyards…

I actually might get one, being a fan of your advise and all :).

I would still like a YYE YYJ Duncan maybe a OD or a CLYW C3 SPY.

Gimme that Duncan Lanyard

I would rock a Duncan lanyard so hard. Or just a YYE lanyard. Make this happen, Andre.

No. Neverrrrr.

But I’d love to see a CLYW lanny.

Wow, u got them all, except for a Yoyo  ;D

That will soon resolve itself!

I’m either going to have my logo airbrushed onto my Sharps, design a yoyo or have new stickers make and put them on some yoyos I’m going to be ordering in a few hours. I just have to see how many stickers I can get for the minimum order.

Just wondering, does the Kendama have a JKA seal?

I’m happy with my Lanyard

I don’t believe it does.