Duct Tapers


Any body male duct tape creations?
I make and sell wallets (I’m not selling them here) I also make

Yoyo holsters
Yoyo pouches
Yoyo paintings
Tote Bags
String Bags


I’ve made a couple of wallets. I tried to make a bag, but got bored after a while.


I never knew duct tapping was exciting lol I do it for fun (making myself things) and profits :slight_smile:


I make things for myself, but don’t sell.


I duct tape.
I make wallets, yoyo holsters, purses, etc.
Also, I make pop tab bracelets and other stuff too.


I do I made a purse, penguin, bows etc. my next thing I’m going to make is a Yoyo! Wish me luck!


…a functional yoyo?
VIBE. lol


Yeah but hey it’s worth a try! (it’s going to be a looper so vibe won’t matter)


Okay. This would be REALLY cool if you could actually do it. Good luck!


completly out of duct tape? I would have thought there wouldn’t be enough weight.


I’ve seen duct tape wallets and purses, I even have seen kids make prom dresses and tuxedos out of duct tape. But a functioning yo-yo made entirely out of duct tape, I have to admit I’m pretty skeptical that it’s a doable project. Will the axle be duct tape too? Your two sides will have to identical in shape and weight. I just don’t see how…

Well, the challenge is on kiddo. Go on and prove all us doubting Thomas’ wrong and do it!
You will have to provide a video showing that it actually plays now. No sticking duct tape over a Speed Beetle or anything either. (I know Abby would never cheat like that.)

The gauntlet’s been thrown down now, show us a duct tape yo-yo that really loops!
(This could land you a spot on the Today show.)

I’m rooting for you even in my skepticism.

(Owen) #12

I use it for taping peoples mouths shut and for taping people to chairs!

(NotATyrant) #13

I’m making my prom dress out of duct tape this year! It saves money


Wow now that i think about it i would like to make a yoyo out of tape too.


Me too that’s why i am making a duct tape Yoyo! (the string is going to be duct tape if everything goes as planned!)


I make a lot of stuff out of duct tape


I sell them at a store in the Berlin Chambers


cool those must be great duck tape creations if there sold at stores!


It does? duct tape seems to be more expensive than fabric…


Not if you buy it at the right place.