Keychain yoyos?

Hey guys today I bought a Duncan Imperial keychain yoyo for $2.99 at Toys R Us and was wondering if there are any other keychain yoyos out there available of if there ever were any others. Also, should I shorten the string on it? it has perfect length for a full length yoyo

The Aoda Littles is about the same size but is wing shaped and can handle regular string tricks and full sized string. But it’s not specifically a keychain. The Mighty Flea also comes to mind.

I also have two of the Duncan keychains. One in my “general collection” box, the other on my YYE Medium Bag. Good way to passively indicate what’s in the bag and what I’m into.

As far a cutting your string, go for it if it’s too long for you. It’s a regular 100% cotton string and can be replaced.

I also have a Keychain Imperial. I don’t use it much but I grabbed it for nostalgic purposes and currently resides with my house keys/bike keys. I had a couple of these as a kid and had fun throwing them.

I think they’re discontinued now but there was a Keychain Freehand 2 that I read it played amazingly for what it was. I think there was also also a keychain Raider that was around as well as a Brain.

The Littles, I would highly recommend since it’s the same exact size as the imperial but wider like Studio42 said. Another keychain-sized yo (which I almost want to consider it a keychain saber raider) is the Micro Bullet yoyo from the Canadian company Papa’s Toys (who uses the yo-yo trademark). I picked that one up at Toys R Us but haven’t seen them anymore (let alone any yoyos as of recently, I actually snagged their last yo on the shelf.)

Are there any others? And how rare are the Freehand keychain yoyos?

yyf popstar is definitely small enough to fit on a keychain, you could check it out, it’s about the same size and the duncan keychain imperial

I saw this post and bought one too…a red butterfly version though. :wink:

Did the Freehand 2 keychain have a bearing?

I was searching for the freehand version…but no luck. They seem rare…even used. Unsure if it had a bearing in it. I found that Yomega one mentioned above…being shipped now.

Quoted from 's store page:

They were pretty playable from what I’ve seen and for a while I’ve been wanting one of these. Since getting the Littles and seeing that the FH Keychain’s no longer available, my desire to get one’s decreased. While I still wouldn’t mind adding one to my collection and if by some slim chance I come across one, I’ll probably nab it, I’m not as “OMG I must find this!”

Quick vid of Duncan keychain and Yomega keychain too…

The FH2 key chain had a bearing. if you want to see it, you can just google search “freehand 2 keychain” and it will come up. It was sold in one of the other popular online yoyo shops ;D It is still listed there. Just out of stock.

If I am correct about the forum rules I cannot post a link. ::slight_smile:

It’s a shame it’s not available anymore. I might buy one of those Duncan Butterfly yoyos though. Looks pretty good, I just hope it’s not too hard to sleep(I don’t plan anything crazy but who knows)

Does the keychain yoyo have a bearing?

aoda makes a really cool key chain yoyo that transforms into a ball as a key chain then into a yoyo with hubstacks. :slight_smile: Immortal Star is the name of the yoyo. One of the few yoyos I actualy want.

Yep. I bought one as a novelty but it’s actually a really good playing yo-yo.

I’m getting really tempted to pick one of those Aodas up. Could someone PM me a store where I can buy them that’s cheap and reliable? I saw the yoyoskills review and they said it cost $50 but I found of for $25 at a bunch of stores in Asia with free shipping. I’ll probably also pick up some plastic yoyos to try and mod(no need to unnecessarily mutilate a Duncan) since the Aoda clones only cost a few bucks and maybe a littles too.

Me too. Please.


Also PM’ed.

People can just PM me if they want the information.

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