Got tired of my holders banging my metal throws around, tried something simple

(Ian) #1

So I have tried several holders that hang down below the waist, and they were always banging on car doors and the like.
Threw together essentially a simple paracord bracelet and looped it through my belt.
I have seen paracord ones before but they involved knots or beads or carabiners.
This is pretty simple and I am going to test it out a bit.

1. Just made a simple bracelet type deal with clips the average size of my throws. You can google “paracord bracelet” if you want to try.
I had some snaps already, but you could also make a loop in one end and a knot in the other to fit through the loop.

2. threaded it through a belt loop.

3. clipped the throw into the bracelet

front view

4. with the shirt down it barely peeks out, with a longer shirt you wouldn’t see it at all. No swinging around banging into things.


That is a good idea, but to add some security, weave a hairband in the middle of the bracelet and add a caribeener on the loop with the to strands closest together and the loop going over them

(Ian) #3

Good tip!
I do like the idea of using elastic material to make the bracelet with,
but honestly, it is pretty secure as it is.
I’m going to make another using a more springy cord.


My solution was to just sacrifice one of my throws to the beater gods (my Summit, to be exact), and have it be the only one I carry around on a holder. I think even if I managed to get it that close to my belt I would still manage to bang it on things.


I just wear them all, and in terms of collisions I don’t have many and don’t sweat the ones that do happen.

However, it’s just the “comfort” (lack thereof!) of the swinging around that bothers me. I’d definitely try something “closer to the beltloop”. I should get on making one of these!


agreed. I actually like the comfort of the yoyo in my pocket. after 17+ years of playing, I think the familiar weight/pressure of a yo-yo in my pocket is almost like a baby-blanket. I feel naked without it haha.

(Ian) #7

I would pocket it with a looper/imperial type but today’s models can make you look pretty bulgey, especially with the tendency toward slimmer pant lines.


Just worried about damaging either the yoyo or my pants with today’s wide yo-yos.

(Ian) #9

Made a new version with a more elastic paracord to be extra secure, but evidently the camera flash turned it radioactive.


haha nice pic. I definitely agree that it is uncomfortable when it swings and sometimes awkward when it bumps into certain things. I would definitely try this idea so thank you for innovating the holster :slight_smile: