Throw holster


How do you guys carry your throws? Do u have some special carrier or do you just stuff them in your pockets like me?


small caribiner, elastic hair tie (scuuni no metal brand) and a spring toggle. It’s all I’ve needed for 16 years, replace the hair tie every few months.

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Beater delrin in the pocket - nothing to worry about


someday I’d like to get one. so awkward walking through the mall with bulging pockets… :-[


I like the First World Design holder, it’s inexpensive, looks nice, and works well, but overall I don’t like the feel of a yoyo swinging about. I really hope some more of those cool holsters get made that a certain shop had and I think TK made back in the day that the yoyo slides right into and they attach to your belt.

With a few modifications and size increase these should really be the de facto yoyo holder. The dangly kind are just so awkward imo and I don’t use them often.

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I just use those simple paracord ones and if swinging about is a problem just stuff it with that in my pocket.


Buy one from Legyoyo on the forums. Incredible quality and customized.


Legyoyo here, too. As someone mentioned, if they get too swingy, just keep it on the holster and stuff it into a pocket while you’re walking or running.

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This is what I do.


Legyoyo holster it’s the only way to go it’s sturdy, durable, and they look awesome.


TA’s holsters are pretty cool too!


This is the one I use. It is awesome. I wish YYE sold them.


I use the total artist holster


I use to use my holster but now I use my pockets.


Make my own from paracord, spring clip and a toggle.


I just loop the string through my belt loop and adjust the slipknot around my yoyo


Pocket usually but I also use the Unknown Descender on occasion.


I use a weird string holster.
Not me…