What do y'all use to carry your yo-yo?

It’s quite a pain to bring it around in pockets… Even with pocket-sized throws.

Which holster do you use, if any?

(I’m talking single yo-yo carrying. Not bags or cases.)

I have a YoTricks Bloop and a YYF Holder

I have a miniature backpack that clips onto my belt that’s just the perfect size to hold a yoyo and some string.

I stole my kids NED holders I bought when that jerk went to their school

Zeekio makes a nice looking, sturdy, inexpensive belt clip holster. I can not say who sells it but it does the job well.

small carabiner, elastic hair tie and a spring toggle. All I’ve ever used, easy to fix when it breaks.

YYF Holster

I got one of Legyoyo’s holsters, they are great!

This site shows how to make one:

I took a cat collar (the smallest they make) and stitched it with some thread to make it a little smaller. Then put a small carabiner through the ring where the cat’s tag would normally go. I made 2 of these actually. The other one is a little bigger for my yoyos with higher walls. It set me back about $3.

My pocket

Zeekios holsters are the best. Cheap, sturdy, and they display your yoyo, but without letting it swing all over the place.

A homemade hand stitched messenger bag that I made. I put foam any everything

My hands.

I’m using the Werrd carabiner holster.


I use the leather holder I make (restocking on some colors soon), the hard cases I made…and a few store bought soft cases.

I figured out a way to wrap the string around my yoyo in a way were I get two loops and then I just use a carabiner to hook it to my belt loop


Legyoyo holster they are the best of the best! they last forever I have had mine for about a year still working and is barely worn in! Seriously go Check them out he’s got some great looks too!

side pocket of my backpack…

Jacket pocket in winter. Summer it’s a bitch cause I can’t carry as easily.

i carry around the antiyo pouch that came with the bpzl =)