Yo-yo holster?


Any one know how to make a yoyo holster?


Open pocket. Insert yoyo. Done.

If you look at any of the larger holder pictures, you might be able to figure it out.

Do you want a holster that’s like a clip/belt mount or a sling-type carrier? For me, pockets and/or my YYE Medium back are fine.


Just like Studio42 said, what kind of holster would you like exactly? I might be able to help you with a bag-type holster, but it’s your preference.


I am guessing you mean like on your belt loop and if so here is how. Take a regular carribeaner of the size of your choice and cover half or all of it in electrical tape still allowing it to open. Then take a girls hair tie that is like an elastic rubberband but cloth and open the carribeaner and put it on and if you want double wrap it. Then the loop from the hair tie will be sticking out. Put that around the yoyo then pinch it and double wrap it.


I want it like a…fast 201 clip or even the werred


Wii controler straps.


Maybe I’m too lazy. I’d just buy the holder. It’s not that much. Then again, you’re in Canada, so I don’t know what the shipping would be. Just tack it onto a bigger order so the shipping costs are lost in the overall purchase. It’s why I try to buy string with every YYE purchase. I don’t want to pay shipping for just string if I don’t have to. I’d rather buy a yoyo, and since I’m already stuck on shipping, buy string and other accessory items that are small.


here you go