Paracord holder with a couple of "new" ideas


So I’ve seen a few of the paracord holders so I decided to make one, but I added a couple of things I haven’t seen. I didn’t want to have additional pieces, so no carabiner or cord slides. I used paracord to make a couple of slides. The bottom slide provides tension for holding the yoyo in the holder. The top slid allows you to create a loop so you can attach it to things.


Pretty cool!


Watch out Legyoyo… You just may have some competition!


Very close to Legyoyo’s design. But his use of the carabiner works much better than the tension-loop you’ve got on yours; it doesn’t seem very secure.


Yep legyoyo’s design was my inspiration. The biggest difference is that this one is all paracord and doesn’t use the additional components. I didn’t want to use the plastic slides for the tension, and I didn’t really want to use a carabiner. I wanted to make the holder entirly out of paracord.

The loop is actually very secure. I’ve worn it around for the last 2 days. Getting in and out of the car. Doing general things around the house. I can not physically pull it apart with my hands. Here is a picture of a 25 pound weight plate hanging from the loop. I’m sure I could easily hang more weights from it, but I didn’t feel like dragging them all outside.


Hey I love to be proven wrong :smiley:

Though I still have my concerns with it. Suppose the slider were to shift just a bit while you’re sitting down or something (when there’s not tension on the loop). Then when you go to stand up, BAM, your holster falls off (possibly with you not even knowing).

Still looks like a solid yoyo-holster!


I appreciate the questions. Keep me on my toes and make sure I’ve thought things through. The slide doesn’t actually support any weight, and it has as much tension as one of the spring loaded sliders you find on most of the other yoyo holders so I don’t think it would move much.

I actually wore the holder around for a while without even having the slide on it. It’s possible the loop could come lose, but I would guess it’s about as likely as knocking the clip on the carabiner and having it pop loose.

It’s the same basic concept that is used to hold most paracord bracelets close. A knot through a loop. The more you pull the smaller the loop gets and the harder it is for the knot to go back through the loop.


Somebody pointed out in a PM that Legyoyo had done the sliding knot. I had only looked at the pic, but in the video it’s clear they are sliding knots. I will say neither of the things I specified are “new”. That’s the reason for the "'s. They were just a different approach from the holders I had seen. Anybody that has done these items before me please accept my apologies.


I have a Legyoyo holster and it’s great.

These look good to me as well.


Try a different braid. Seems like everyone does a cobra braid when it comes to paracord.


My holsters don’t requires a carabiner. I just added that because its easier to take on and off your belt loop (while keep it secure). I’ll post a picture of it without a carabiner tomorrow (if I remember :D). Also, good to see I’ve inspired someone :). Be creative. Oh and… Get off my lawn!


I’d be interested to see one without the carabiner. I have a holder with a carabiner and this one is just as quick to get on and off.


Here’s a couple of different braids. Tried to do som YYE colors. This is the first time I’ve made anything with paracord so I am learning as I go along. I also posted some close ups of how to create the clasp/loop for attaching it to something.