Custom YoYo Holder

So yesterday my dad got back from America and since I asked he brought back some parachord with which last night I made a yoyo holder for the first time. There’s a few minor details that I need to figure out for next time but overall I think it turned out extremely well! So anyways tell me what you guys think of it and what I could do better or change for next time.

The holder by it’s self

The holder with a YYF Catalyst in it

thats awesome ;D do you think you could tell how u made it and the supplies you used? perhaps a youtube video and link? that would be awesome

very cool

I have paracord! what type of knot did you use? look like a spider knot…

nicely done!

A cobra weave was used.

Just made one like this it works nicely and looks cool. I used your tutorial on YouTube. The only part I had issues with was where you fused the 2 ends of the rope to the main weave. I couldn’t figure out how to do this so I ended up tying a knot there instead. Thanks!