DIY Paracord Yoyo Holder

I needed a yoyo holder, but most of the ones available are either overpriced or not very appealing. Since I wanted to try working with paracord, I decided to make my own. The carabiner clip and paracord were bought at a local sporting goods store. The 12-sided die was purchased from a hobby store and I drilled the hole myself. Total cost of materials was <$5. Here’s some shots of the finished product:

What do you guys think? Comments and suggestions welcome! ;D


Paint me blue and call me Babe.

That’s cool!

But I got myself a Totalartist one.

They are awesome!

Sorry about the random tey, my pc froze. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thats really cool

Are you planning on selling them?

that looks sick! what kind of knot did you use for the bottom part? I see the top is a cobra stitch

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Thanks! The Totalartist holders looked sweet, but I couldn’t justify the price tag for “just” a holder. :-[

No, I have no plans to sell them. However, if there’s interest I’ll make a tutorial on how to make this holder.

Good eye! ;D The bottom part is a weave for a sling pouch that I copied and modified from the site here. I used 3 strands instead of 5 and used gutted paracord to make a strip narrow and flexible enough to accommodate yoyos.

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That’s cool.  I made one too,45538.0.html

I also made a DIY holster from a carabiner and a begleri. Best of both world. IMG_20200211_230119|375x500

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