Custom YoYo Holder

So yesterday my dad got back from America and since I asked he brought back some parachord with which last night I made a yoyo holder for the first time. There’s a few minor details that I need to figure out for next time but overall I think it turned out extremely well! So anyways tell me what you guys think of it and what I could do better or change for next time.

The holder by it’s self

The holder with a YYF Catalyst in it

This should go in the Showcase section but don’t sweat it, just use it next time.

Looks pretty good to me, not sure what else you could add to it.

Also what d’ you think of the Catalyst haven’t hear much of anything about it.

It looks good…I like it!! :slight_smile: Is that cord expensive?

No the parachord cost about $2-3 for about 7-10 feet of chord and I only used about half :slight_smile:

I’d like to know how to tie that. Always been into rope and knots from a functional and decorative point of view.

But, I got these way cool leather holders. I really like them a lot.

Then again, I’m looking to learn crochet so I can make my own yoyo cozies.

Thanks, that doesn’t sound too bad at all. The pattern you used looks like one I see used with craftlace, called a Cobra stitch. I don’t know how to do that one, but I’d like to learn it. I only know the box stitch. I had fun doing those as a kid. It must have been a bit harder with paracord though.

Gaha guys this was really simple to make :stuck_out_tongue: just type into google: “How to make parachord survival bracelet”

Heading to the store this weekend! Saw some other projects I’d like to make too!

Haha sweet!!! I just need to find a place where I can get more supplies and I’ll probably start making these to sell :slight_smile:

I’m sure you could sell that one…I’ve seen some that aren’t as good looking on the popular auction site, so give it a shot.