Yoyo Holders?

Hi Guys!

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I recently saw These yoyo holders that you attatch to your belt loop on a different online store. I figured I would save some money and make my own. I made this, and I really liked it. I then thought that I could sell these for cheaper than the other strap holders sell for.

I thought that if I sold these on the B/S/T/ I would sell them for around $2.50 for two holders. You would be able to choose your own colors for the cord (Which will actually be Yoyo String :)) and choose if you want the cord stopper White or black.

My whole family thought this was a great idea, but I figured that before I bought a bunch of cord stoppers I would ask your opinion if you would actually be willing to buy one of these.

PLEASE VOTE and If you think they should cost more or less than $2.50 for 2 please tell me how much I should sell them for.


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I like them, but I’d like to see a thicker cord/strap.

I think it should be in yoyo exhibition :wink:

Yeah, a thicker strap would be a LOT nicer, but they’re really great, I would get one! :o

Thanks. This was just a string that I made that was messed up so I decided to use it as the cord. The actual string will be thicker.I’ll make a better string tomorrow morning and post a picture of that instead.

EDIT: I posted a picture of the holder so you know roughly how large the holder is.

Awesome! I’m excited to see it! :slight_smile:

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I think you should charge something like 3.00 for a pair.


Yeah, I might do that, considering the ones sold on…erm…other stores…sell for $3.50 each. But they only come in pink and orange with a white cord stopper, while mine will have either black or white stoppers(you choose) and you can choose the color of the cord. (I make the string)

I’ll probably go with $3.

Or… I would like to see some really puffy string… like yarnlike, but a lot stronger… I’m not sure if you’ll get it, but a thick, soft string, so your yoyo will rest there nicely.

Okay. Like I said, that was a string experiment (100% silk string) that went wrong. I’ll use my soft polyester for the final product.

I still don’t get how you get them on your belt loop…

To M:

You have to slip half of the cord under your belt loop, then you slip that through the loop on the other side and tighten. It’s kind of hard to explain in text, so I’ll get some pics up in a few minutes, And if I start selling these, I will include a sheet of paper explaining how to attatch these to your belt loop.

My dad made me one with stuff he found in our basement… It works wonderfully

Sorry, I haven’t had much time this morning. I’ll take and edit the pictures right now. :slight_smile:

 Here are some pictures visually explaining how to attatch these to your belt loop. I apologize for the delay in getting these pictures up.
  1. Slip the loop under your belt loop.
  2. Get the other side with the knot and slip it through that loop.
  3. Slip the cord stopper through the loop, too.
  4. Tighten.