How to make a yoyo holder really quick?

Hey guys!I was wandering how to make a yoyo holder using id retractable reels.I got the idea from a person in the chat.Still not sure what kind of reel to buy or how to use them as a holder.Suggestions appreciated.Thanks!

Scrunchie attached to the retractable cable.

Put the yoyo in your pocket.

You can always make yourself a pleather holder by ordering a couple things off sites and it will cost you less than $12 for a spiked one, about $8 for normal. The other plus side is you would get enough supplies to make about 5-10 depending on what you buy.

my holder is a strip of paracord tide like a the top of a yoyo string on both ends. then i put a carabiner in of the holes then i made a slip not and put the yoyo in that.

Pics if you can :smiley:

Pics :D?

Yoyo expert has the best yoyo holder for sale. They are made by forum member Totalartist and they are unmatched for the price. I have three and want another one. The one with spikes. They work great and are of the best quality leather and if Andre is selling them you know there good!!

For something really quick, if you own a wii, take the wii strap off te remote, hook the one end to a carabiner and then it will wrap snug around the yoyo. The only problem is they’re a little too long for my liking.

those are amazing! but for a budget of around $5 just buy one. i recommend a werrd yoyo holder over the ooch or yyf holders.

i tried that! i agree its too long.

you can reduce the length by winding the wii strap around the carabiner a few times.then its perfect.Works like a charm.Too bad i don’t have a wii.