Yoyokid Holders: Coming Soon!!

Hey guys. I had a great idea today that really worked out. Make a yoyo holder out of duct tape. Yes you heard right, duct tape. Suprisingly, it really works.

I will be selling these soon (hopefully) in a variety of colors, so keep your eyes peeled on this thread! If you will be at Ma States, I’m going to bring a whole case full, so if you want to buy one, you can! This is not the final design btw, it will be similar but different. Thanks for looking!

Not to be negative or anything, but these look like a lower quality version of the totalartist holders.


Similar, but when you see it in person, it’s not even close. And they are meant to be cheap.

Bump for my holders!

Hmmm… I will buy one of these holders, I’m sort of a holder connoisseur, and interested in this concept. I think black duct tape with a gold or silver clip would be my preference. What might be your price point sir? Sorry I missed you at the meet, we could have networked on the holder business. :wink: Actually, if you could make a duct tape version of the one I make, like as close as possible to that, there might be something special in it for you. That is your first custom order :slight_smile:

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About $3 - $5 dollars. Will you be at Ma States??

I will be there with bells on…yes sir. I will see you there! :wink: You are ahead of me at your age. I made my first yo-yo holder well into my thirties :smiley: I think your price point is proper as well. No one else is making duct tape holders, so you are riding in your own lane. Good job.

The polite kindness of this post makes me glad to be here.

@yoyokid8 - I’ve sent you a PM with ordering info.

Thanks again to both of you.

^ I was a creative young person once ;). Likewise to you Vegabomb.

Nice work yoyokid8. Being creative is cool. See you at MA States.

Love the colors!!! Purple and green all the way!!! :slight_smile: