Review of Legyoyo Holsters

TotalArtist Review of Legyoyo Holsters

I had the pleasure of getting to know Legyoyo from the Young Entrepreneurs thread, about young people conducting their own form of yo-yo business on the forum. Legyoyo makes yo-yo holders out of paracord. I heard some very nice things about the holders, and I became particularly interested when I saw that he was making them in my favorite color combination…YoyoExpert colors.

I contacted Legyoyo to see if he still had the colors in stock, and to discuss the pattern he was going to use to weave the paracord. Legyoyo got back to me promptly, with a photo of one of the options, and he notified me that the colors I was looking for were in stock. I was also able to choose between a few carabiner colors. I decided to order a paracord holder, YoyoExpert colors, red, black and a little white, with a black carabiner. Legyoyo gave me a price of $11, which includes shipping with tracking. I thought the price was great, so we made a deal.

Legyoyo returns messages promptly, polite and professional in communication. This made the transaction extremely easy from the start. I paid him on Augst 23rd, and received a photo of the finished holder, and tracking, within 24 hours, on August 24th. I received the holder two days later. The timeline was as follows:

  1. I placed the order and paid on August 23, 2013
  2. I received a photo of the finished holder and a tracking number on August 24, 2013
  3. The holder was delivered on August 26, 2013.

I opened the envelope and inspected the holder. The colors were vibrant, perfect shades of red, white and black. It appeared very sturdy and secure. For those of you not familiar with paracord, it is not stretchy. It appeared it would hold it’s shape for some time. The holder measures from the tip of the caribiner to the end of the paracord, about 9 and 3/8”. It is about a half inch longer than the leather holders I make. I consider it a great length for a holder. Yo-Yo holders serve a purpose, but also are a fashion statement. The holder should hang below anyone’s shirt or jacket. It should always be visible. The holder achieves this. I wondered how the holder would lock the yo-yo into place. After examining it quickly, I observed a small portion of paracord, that slides up and down to secure the holder after the yo-yo is inserted. After inserting my yo-yo, I observed this to be secure.

I believe this holder is worth every bit of the $11 I paid, and I believe Legyoyo could get a few dollars more for his holder if he wanted to. I make holders myself, and I enjoy them, so I will enjoy having another option available. If you are looking for a holder that has color variety, fashionable, yet sturdy, you should certainly give Legyoyo holsters a try. A pleasure to do business with such a nice guy, and fellow holder maker in the community. Offer Legyoyo your support…a rising star in business.

Photos, with my One Drop Summit:

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