Legyoyo custom yoyo holsters! Changes, and deals!

NEW: It has finally happened folks, YoyoExpert is now an official carrier of Legyoyo Holsters! Check it out for yourself here!

If you want a custom order, continue reading!

Welcome to Legyoyo Holsters! I sell hand-made, quality, paracord yoyo holsters! for the small fee of twelve dollars! ($12) (Omikron Jr. is $7)

If you’d like any news updates please check out my news thread by clicking here

Also the 10% off referral deal is still going on indefinitely!

Before you get started shopping here’s a few

  1. Please don’t back out of the deal last minute. It wastes valuable supplies for me, thanks!
  2. Please read the whole B/S/T before ordering. It’s fairly simple, but I let you know what color cord I have, and some other important details
  3. When ordering, it would be very helpful if you’d tell me right away
      (A) What Color(s) you’d like on your holster (color options vary between holsters), and where you’d like them (center, middle, edges)
      (B) Which Style you’d like
      © If you’d like FREE tracking
      (D) A shipping address
      (E) And your preferred method of payment (I take PayPal and Cash. [No checks please])
  4. I don’t mind questions, and I love being able to help out! So don’t be afraid to ask things, even if you think they’re silly questions  :slight_smile:

Alright now that you know the rules/guidelines here’s the Holster options:

Holster Styles

(1.) Epsilon 2.0
(2.) Legyoyo x TotalArtist (Special Edition Holster)
(3.) Omikron
(4.) Omikron Jr. ($7)
(5.) Dynamo
(6.) Omega
(7.) Alpha


Holster Colors:
Do to being a custom holster making service, a wide variety of colors are necessary for all the individual interests. So please don’t hesitate to ask for a new color. My supplies gets limited, so I’m constantly in need of restocking certain colors.
But currently I have: Green (neon, and dark), Glow-in-the-dark, Blue, Orange, Black, Grey, Purple, Pink, Red, and White, gold

Shipping is free, with tracking! unless it’s international (That price varies)

THESE ARE REAL HOLSTERS. I’ve spent many an hour perfecting these. But you don’t take my word for it. Check out GregP’s review!, Noonars Review!, Snafu’s Review!, LeDave’s Review! and TotalArtists Review! And if you still have doubts, be sure to check out my trade count. Also check me out on Facebook @facebook.com/legyoyoholsters (likes are very apprecaited)
And follow me on instagram @legyoyo_holsters

New Demo Video Is Here!

Thanks a lot for being interested, I’ll look forward to making you a holster  :slight_smile:


I’ll give him a bump (considering I’ll probably be his first customer) :slight_smile: .

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Black carabiners! They’re sweet!

I’mma bit confused about how the paracord works. Any chance doing a demo video of the three different ways you can put the yoyo on the holster?

#Holster tip:The glow-cords glowing effect is heightened when left in the sun for a while

#Holster tip: If you don’t understand how the holsters quite work, watch the demo vid. :slight_smile:

As you may have seen at the top of my b/s/t, I’m taking cord color suggestions! If you ever wanted a holster, but I don’t have your color, now’s the time to ask! The best part is you won’t be charged extra for asking for a new color! Just pm with a color you’d like and boom-bam, I’ll get it ;D
(ps: Ordering a new color takes extra time. I’ll need to order it)

If you’re not sure what color combos look cool here’s a few I like:
All black
All blue
All glow
Yoyoexpert edition
Black and glow
Blue and white
Just black and red
Green and purple
Black and purple (and white)
Forest cam and black
Black and grey
And red, white, and blue

This is of course not ALL of te possibilities, it’s just a few ideas if you’re not feeling very color-creative. :slight_smile:


May I present the Epsilon.2! With this new design there’s %100 percent chance of indestructibility! and %0 chance of coming off the carabiner!

Hey if you have a ps3 and are looking to play some vid. games with fellow yo-yoers check out this club. Organized by Anthony so if you’re insterested shoot him a PM

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Free bump because they’re cool! :wink:

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fershizle bump.

If anyone has Legend of Zelda: Windwaker I’d be happy to buy it from them with $$$. Or a holster + $$$

Happy almost new years bump!

You gotta ask yourself one question… is this a bump?.. well, IS IT???

Demo vid? I think we would all feel more inclined to purchase once knowing how they work, and that they are worth the money.

Been meaning to post a vid or at least pictures, but I went ahead and ordered one of the holsters. The one I got is the kind with the paracord “braiding” both above and below the yoyo (the Omikron).

It’s a very good holster! I would order another if I needed more than 2 holsters (still have my YYF one on backup).

The clip (carabiner) he uses is more solid than the one used for the YYF holders, which is great. The Omikron uses the upper bit of braiding as the “toggle” (rather than having an actual plastic squeeze toggle) and at first I wasn’t sure it would be snug and secure. It’s totally snug and secure, and I actually like using the braiding better than using a plastic toggle.

Looks? The braiding is cool. And since mine is just plain black for the cord and silver for the clip, pretty hard to go wrong with colour. Colleagues at work know about the yoyo holders (another one has a YYF holder, too) and refer to my new one as the “fancy” holster. So I suppose it looks better to even the layman as well!

The only thing that takes getting used to is that with the YYF holder, there’s a wide strip of fabric for hiding the slipknot end of the string. With the Legyoyo holsters you have to be more careful about positioning the slipknot such that it gets snugged into place properly. But that’s not a big deal at all.

With both my old and new holster, I tend to clip mine to my belt loop AND tuck my yoyo into the top of my pocket. The Omikron has enough “dangle” to comfortably tuck into a pocket, and I imagine the other models would have even more. Perfect length as far as I’m concerned (which is why I chose this model).

A good purchase, well worth the relatively low price in order to have something that is handmade and different from the norm. As I said already, I’d buy another one if I needed one, and if I decide I want other colours or styles, I’ll be hitting Legyoyo up with a PM. :wink:

Still planning on posting some pictures, but figured I’d fire this off while it’s topical.