Legyoyo holster vee dee oh review



There’s not much to say about holsters. I have a pair from Legyoyo (couldn’t resist when he offered a red, white, and black model!) and they’re the business. That’s UK-ese for “they’re great”.

In the video I tuck one into a pocket; it’s kinda sticky-outtie looking still, but no more so than if you just shoved one in your pocket. The reason I like the holster plus pocket (instead of just pocket) is that it keeps the yoyo higher in my pocket, away from whatever else is in there… keys or phone usually.

It’s a minute and a half, and you get to see my cute youngest son make a guest appearance. I didn’t realize how evil I was looking in that segment… like I was going to EAT THE BABAY!


(side note: the audio editing of this Corel VideoStudio application is the pits. In the editor, any spliced audio doesn’t have weird artifacts, but in the render there are a few oddities… time to shop around maybe. :wink: )


Great review man, the green and black one at the end of the video is mine!!!


Where do you buy these?


Suppose that could’ve been made a whole lot more clear! :wink:

Hit up YYE member “Legyoyo” by PM (here’s the official thread: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,52594.0.html), or head over to their Facebook page and contact them there:



He’s not from Canada also is he? Hardly see him on the forums.


Nope. He’s around fairly regularly, though! I see a post nearly every day from him.

Being from the States, shipping will be pretty inexpensive for you. Not sure the actual cost. To Canada, it costs a bit extra.


Can’t believe I didn’t see this thread until now! :smiley:

Thank you GregP for this video! I appreciate all you’ve done (the video and camera technique help!)

TuxedoDave: I’m From Salisbury MD. And feel free to pm me if you’re still interested :slight_smile:
also I normally hang out in the unrelated section, although I help out where I can on the other sections :slight_smile:


I want one so bad. Just can’t seem to get the money up.


Your baby is so cute!


Haha! He’s adorable all right. A chunky little monkey, that one. Got his first two teeth now, making his hilarious little smile even cuter.

Love that little man. My 4-year old is cute, too, but he’s not in this particular video. :smiley:


Greg don’t feel bad; we all think we look cute when doing things like that with our kids. It’s kinda like a music face. You think it’s awesome!.. Every else is wondering if you’re having a stroke.