Legyoyo Holster, Breaking News: Sponsoring ISYYC


Welcome, and thanks for caring about news pertaining to Legyoyo Holsters!

After being a fairly dormant business here’s a little spice to let you all in on! Legyoyo Holsters will be sponsoring the 2016 Illinois State Yo-yo Contest! There’s a link below, be sure to check it out, especially if you’re in the area. It sounds like it will be a blast!


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And thanks everyone!

Older News:
Epsilon 2.0 Video is on youtube
Keychains and Graphic Design services available
Now available on yoyoexpert


red white blue, Light yellow and teal


I currently have red, white, and blue

And thanks for the input :slight_smile:


Legyoyo Holsters has Reached ten positive feedback!


Congratz! well deserved. :slight_smile:


Yep. He definitely deserves it.

He makes phenomenal holsters. :smiley:


With mail on the way, Legyoyo holsters will par-tay!


You should have a B/S/T thread where people can buy them.


Check out my sig :slight_smile: I have a link to the B/S/T and Legyoyo holsters Facebook page ;D


He does.

He bumps it every day.

I bet you didn’t even check and see if he had one… :stuck_out_tongue:


nope. Too lazy


No prob :D. Shoot me a pm if you do want one (might wanna check out the b/s/t first though :wink: )


Big news! YYSL edition holsters and new sig! check out OP for deh-tails


Important notice: I’ll be gone June 26-29 for something called the Creation Festival. It’s a big Christian concert I won tickets to. If an order’s pm’d, unfortunately, I won’t be able to get back to you until the 30th. And I won’t be able to take any orders tomorrow, because I won’t have time to make them and take them to the postoffice. So those will also have to be postponed until the 30th as well.
Orders already placed: don’t worry I have an early bird post office run, so they will be shipped ;D

Thanks all for understanding :slight_smile:


Whats the YYSL edition holster look like?


it looks like this:


Now that’s really cool.

Make a Blue White and Black one : Yoyofactory Edition!


I’ll get on that the 30th ;D