Legyoyo Holster, Breaking News: Sponsoring ISYYC

‘Yay’ is right Abby! Because I’m back and ready to make holsters!

Also coming soon… “The 50 Dash”

Sounds fun right? It will be! details in development, but be sure to like me on facebook @facebook.com/LegyoyoHolsters to keep on top of that. (updates will be posted here as well)

yay! This guys it’s going to be great just wait!!! And even better I’m getting a holster as soon as I mail my money today when I wall the puppy!!!

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As abby said “The 50 Dash” Contest will be great! And better yet, it’s coming soon! Keep an eye out, tell all your friends, and like ‘Legyoyo Holsters’ on Facebook!

long story short legyoyo is trying to get 50 like on his Facebook as fast as he can so get to it!!!

you are awesome :slight_smile:

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just wait when the contest rolls in. :wink:

As I eagerly await to unveil my contest. I wanted to let you in on a few things before the fun.

1st: The contest will be called “the Dash to 50”. This represents the ‘dash to 50’ likes on facebook! It won’t be necessary to like my page in order to enter the contest, but likeing it will help more people see it. People seeing it means more people carrying yoyos in style. More flaunting of yoyos in style, the more publicity yoyos get. The more publicity, the more yoyoers to have fun with! So it is for the greater good ;D

2nd: The Prize! will be awesome! But it’s a surprise, so check back regularly!

3rd: I’d like this contest to be HUGE! Meaning I need YOU to tell people about it! The more the merrier they always say!

4th: the contests eta (estimated time of arrival) is Thursday. But I can’t promise anything, could be sooner. Could be later.

5th. If you’re wondering why I haven’t already started the contest here’s the answer. I’m waiting on a special package in the mail. This package holds items vital for the prize! This is almost a good thing though! it allows time to
A. Spread the word
B. Mentally prepare for all the AWESOME!

6th: Last, but certainly not least: Abby1371 is going to be a judge in this contest! She’s been a big help thus far and this contest would definitely not be as fun without her help organizing. I’d like to thank her publicly to show you… she’s awesome! Thanks Abby!

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The prize is a special holster huh? :stuck_out_tongue:

Shhhh!!! Spoilers :smiley:

yep one of a kind only one of the holsters will be made!

Ehhh… Well… Its something :stuck_out_tongue: it better be like made of leather and or hold 2 throws or something :smiley:

Don’t be greedy. It can be kind of holder he wants it to be.

Don’t worry, there’s no greed in that post. He just had some ideas :slight_smile:

Always the Optimist. ::slight_smile:

A double throw holster would be cool, or a free one of a kind holster that he is no longer allowed to make ever again for anybody.

good for both 2a and 4a, eh? I think That’s doable. I’ll consider it.
A long while back someone asked if I could make them one. I did, but I believe he never got back to me when it came time to pay. I don’t remember the person (sorry person). There message just got so old I deleted it. (But to that person, I forgive you :D)

Yes, but the way he said “Ehhh… Well its something” already shows he’s not appreciating the prize. Whatevs, not gonna argue.

I just thought it was too predictable. But whatever, it’s not like I have anything against his holsters, I’ve already bought 2 and will be getting another one soon…

The day has come, For the 50 dash! Yippee!

Get on over to the contest it’s going to be awesome!!

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