Legyoyo Holster, Breaking News: Sponsoring ISYYC


What is this? more news! What is with this :smiley:


If I may say something about a holster holding two or more YoYo’s.

I had a very nice holster made once by a friend that held two YoYo’s, and I found that the length and the weight of two YoYo’s hanging from my belt loop made it pretty much unusable. I found it more optimal to just use two holsters to hold two YoYo’s. The length and weight was to much, and I found I was banging it into everything when I moved which could have potentially damaged my throws. :’(

Maybe there is a way to design it so that does not occur, but I could not figure out how myself.

While I do feel that it’s a great concept, you’ll unfortunately find that in reality it’s not very practical.

Now, that’s just my opinion of course.


To prevent the banging against things and weigh distribution you can design it so it has two clips. One on the top, one on the bottom. So that was it can clip to two belt loops and lay/hang horizontally off your pants rather than vertically. Extra support, and that should even put the weight and keep the yoyos closer to your body. Just a thought, it may not work, but it may be worth a shot to test it out.


May I suggest a neon yellow color cord? Or is there already one?


I had yellow when I started, but no one bought it. So I used it here and there for practice. If you’d like it I’ll see if I can order some :slight_smile:


y’know, I will look into it. I’ll see what I can find, that’ll eliminate the unnecessary swinging and potential property damage :slight_smile:


it could be used for loopers if you use thinner cord.


actually, I can fit my 808’s in a holster


Big news everyone! Aren’t the new holsters cool? just so everyone knows, they’re “brother holsters”. Meaning the inside of one is the outside of the other. But when I put the slider on, it’s impossible to reverse. So when sealed, they’re two completely different holsters!


Those are awesome!


How many of these do you know? How many are able to be adapted into a holster?



Why didn’t I wait to order mine until your new styles were released… :frowning:


i know maybe two more weaves. But they’re impracticle for a holster. And I actually made up the weave(s) on Alpha and Omega. So, it might exist, but as far as I know I created it for the first time.


Could you do a Dynamo holster, but use the Omega weave?


i could. But It’d look like the alpha on the other side.


So, instead of offering 5 holsters, you could offer different shapes and different weaves, right? Like, the Omnikron shape, the Dynamo shape, and the Epsilon.2 shape, with the weaves you have in each. You would have to explain the Alpha/Omega thing, though. Although, I can see that setup getting very complicated very quickly.


exactly. I need to keep things as simple as possible (so no-one gets confused) while giving as much awesome as I can.


Yeah, I was getting really confused there.


Just received mine (and a friend’s) today.
Requested for a two-yoyo holster, and it went pretty well!
Just need to remember not to swing these around too much.
The holsters can pretty much handle anything it gets and the connections are snug and secure.


Alright. You remember when I said cool things in August? Well the two new styles wasn’t the only thing! Now I’m not releasing a new style, it’s something else. So stay tuned for the surprise!