Legyoyo Holsters Presents: RE-boot Competition! *Winners announced!*

Welcome to the Legy0yo Holsters RE-Boot Competition! This competition is being hosted by me to get the word out that I’m back from a long time of giving off pretty much radio silence to the community. I really love making holsters, and I want to share the joy with a fun contest!

First off as a disclaimer, apart from the competition itself, I’m having a referral deal going on until the end of the month. So check it out on my “Legyoyo Holsters, breaking news” page!

Now for the the competition! (which will have two prizes)

How do I enter?

For this competition, all you must do is one of three things!
Submit one of three pieces of media:
A. An original picture of anything yo-yo related
B. An original hand-drawn drawing of anything yo-yo related
C. An original video of anything yo-yo related

Where do I enter?

Entry’s may be on this thread, OR facebook, or instagram by adding #LegyoyoREboot to your post

Also up to 5 entries!

How do I win?

And I will take the names of everyone who entered and have a raffle for prize number 1!
BUT, I will also have my family vote on our favorite piece of media for a second prize! *One name per Raffle

To win prize number two, we will be looking at whatever angle you went for in your entry. So not necessarily the BEST photo, if there’s a video that’s funnier than the photo is quality. Hope that made sense, because that’s how we’re going to do it! So try hard, have fun, and spread the word! *Up to five entry’s will be taken into consideration for the voting

What am I winning?

Prize Number 1 (the raffle):
Will be one free holster of their choice, as well as some other goodies they’ll find out in the the package

Prize Number 2 (The vote):
Will top prize 1 by just a little, with not only a free holster of their choice, but their holster will also be hosted in the upcoming Legyoyo Holster tutorial video. As well as some extra-special-surprise goodies in their package

When is my last chance to enter?
The competition will end Friday July 3rd, so that’ll give you two and a half weeks to get your content in!

Have fun! And REboot!

june 3rd? shoot! ialready missed the deadline!!!

Great catch, fixed! Reminder folks, always check the month then the day, haha

no problem :wink:

Multiple entries? Yes or no?

Yes! Up to 5, that way it’ll keep the fun alive for people with more than one great idea

Check out Legyoyo Holsters new Instagram, and feel free to shoot it a follow @Legyoyo_Holsters!

Not many entries so far, remember you can have up to five! And you can change them as well, as long as you remove your old one

And remember, this is any kind of picture, drawing, or video at all. It can incorporate my holsters, yoyoing, or just yoyo’s themselves!

I’m going to enter soon ;D

Me too!

Wonderful! I can’t wait to see the entry’s!

I drew this quite a long time ago, does this still qualify as an entry?

Sure thing! Great work, I’d probably suggest getting some new stuff if you’re going to enter anything else though

Thanks! You’re added to the raffle!

A 15 days left! Don’t forget to #LegyoyoREboot on any entry’s over facebook of instagram!

I entered my 1st entry on IG :slight_smile: I’m excited to do more!

My first entry:


My second entry, this is from another contest but it’s mine. If I cannot use it it’s okay, let me know :):


More later!

I saw! Wonderful job!


I see no problem in it! Just be sure to get some other cool new stuff for us to enjoy too! (if you so choose) :slight_smile:

I will don’t worry

Do you all like surprises? Me too!

Surprise, there is now Legyoyo Holster Stickers!

However, our special winners are going to be the first to have them

Get those entries in!

Gona hopefully get an entree in tonight.