The 50 Dash! Congratulations QFC and M.DeV1! You won! M.DeV1 2nd!


Ok let’s do this again. If you placed an entry on the deleted thread, just re-place it here

Gonna have to go over details and rules again so:

Ok let me tell you why it’s called the 50 dash. 50 stands for likes on Facebook. Currently I have 35 likes. So it’s a dash to 50… See what I did there? Anyway head over there and give it a like.
Click For The Facebook Page!

Now for contest details:
This contest is a picture contest! It’s also a random drawing. The reason for this is so that everyone has a fair chance of winning, not just professional photographers.

In order to enter your name in the drawing all you do is: post a picture of your Legyoyo Holster! If you don’t have one. Don’t sweat it, just post a picture of a yoyo that you’d put in your Legyoyo holster, if you win.
In this contest there will be a first place winner and a second place winner. First place prize is a one of a kind holster,(pic on page three)! Second place prize is a %30 off discount for a Legyoyo Holster.
The contest will last for 2 weeks! It will end Thursday July 25th at 7:00 pm eastern

As for contest rules:

  1. One entry per person
  2. Your entry only counts if you can tell your picture is of a yoyo
  3. Don’t post more than one picture. I mean, you only get one entry anyway, right?
  4. Post pictures on this thread!

All right, that’s it! Go have fun! And I’d like this contest to be BIG! so tell your friends and like me on fb!


I see that your facebook page is on your signature, but it can’t hurt to add it big on the post.

(M.DeV1) #3

Do we post here in this thread or on facebook? Either way I’m in.


Post pics on this thread! Sorry I missed that. I was going to go to bed after I posted ‘50 dash’ the first time, but when I saw it was gone I felt I should get it back up asap. So yeah, I’m a bit brain dead :smiley:

But all is well, so carry one :slight_smile:


If that doesn’t work…here’s the link to my entry.



You sir, have an awesome yard!


(M.DeV1) #9

Wow already lots of good entries.


Here’s mine. Blue/Red Yoyojam classic harnessed in a Legyoyo Holster.


here is my entry! ;D ;D


Cool entries guys! Keep em comin’



If I still had it…


Why not lol



Neat contest!


(kclejeune) #19



My mullicabob powdered Bassalope.