Legyoyo Holsters Presents: RE-boot Competition! *Winners announced!*

Had my father wear this while I take a photo :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s a wonderful entry LeDave! Keep them coming! A little less than 2 weeks left

Don’t forget to get your entries in! 7 days left!

I have my first entry ready but it’s not uploading on Instagram so I’ll put it here later.

Here are some newer things

Great entries logi! Keep them coming! 5 Days left!

If you see the link of Instagram in my signature you can see my entry.

for the holster photo i had to be a little bit of a contortionist… well worth it though http://i.imgur.com/xeDkQSG.jpg
and here’s another one
and here’s one with out chickens, they took lots of interest in my TP Paranoid http://i.imgur.com/3JkzB4U.jpg
and more!!! enjoy!!!
I like taking pictures!!!

I gotta get photo snapping

Wonderful entries everyone! Keep them coming!

It ends THIS friday!

Also a side note, I CANNOT see any instagram photos if your account is private. So if you see this, make sure your account isn’t private or I won’t be able to consider your entries :frowning:

Crunch time everyone! Get those entries in for your chance at a some free legyoyo holsters and stickers!

IMG_8731.jpeg walking the dog for my entry

I need those stickers.

yeah me too logi, i need more stickers for my laptop (even though my laptop is already covered in yoyo stickers, i still need more)

I don’t think your image works.

Yep, it looks like you’ll have to give posting that another shot, maybe try checking out this thread about how to post pictures

And yes, these stickers are great! I have “stolen” two of them for my personal use, and I just love looking at them. I hope you all feel the same way!

Also, get those entries in! it closes friday at midnight, so you’ll have all that day if you’re the kind of “as late as possible” kind of person. But the sooner you get them in, the more we can admire you’re fabulous work!

Entry #1

That Awkward Bulge

When you need a holster, but don’t have one…

I also love stickers but sometimes I don’t know whether to use them or not.

Good entry GoCrazyForYoyo, I knew that pain all to well for the longest of times :smiley:

The answer is, yes, always use stickers. Stickers are beautiful :wink:

competition entree in the image attached!