Legyoyo Holster, Breaking News: Sponsoring ISYYC


I just wanted to stop over and tell you thank you for my s
Holsters! I’ll get a review posted up here soon when I can get photos posted. I’ll be pick up Enough for each yoyo and get them color matched :).

Cheers to a great product and great customer service!


That sounds awesome! Any sort of review is very appreciated.

And thank you. I try really hard to both respond to pm’s and make them as nice and explanatory as possible. And to hear people notice, is a real blessing :slight_smile:

I’m very glad you like them!
I was especially glad that they arrived on time :smiley: that estimate scarred me for a minute :smiley:


@legyoyo, i’m mighty interested in what you’d be releasing soon!


Awesome. I’ll continue working on it.

Though it may not be what your expecting either… maniacal laugh… Maniacal laaaauuuugh… (Props to those who knows what that’s from)


News has arrived! the tiniest holster for the tiniest yoyo had arrived! My I present the… Omikron Jr.!


is it for the mighty flea?


yes indeedy! Made just for it :slight_smile:


A few posts back when i said i was mighty interested, i was near! Haha great stuff as always! Congratulations!


Yes you were! And the I’m glad you think it’s cool!
I’ll be able to take more pictures tomorrow, today I had some guests over an it’s been really busy.


If I ever get a Flea, I’m calling you! This is some awesome stuff you have going on Legyoyo! I would think a holster for the Flea to be useful; it’s so small I may lose it in my pockets. Seems like a nifty throw to carry around though.


Leg the omicron jr. Is super awesome you got If I had a mighty flea or big deal I would totally buy one! Because that holster is super cool but how much are you charging for it?

EDIT: man I really need to make a review of your holster I bought from you because I wear it every day!


The price is $8. And like the others that includes shipping :slight_smile: (I have no idea why I forgot to mention that, haha)


Aww guess i get no credit… ::slight_smile:


no you were the total driving force behind my will to make this. I had the forethought, but unless you asked for one I never would have made it public.

*credit given :wink:


I’m just messing witcha. I bought my flea and knew you could make me a keychain for it. I was your first customer. Yay!!!


yes you were! And credit was given :smiley:


Just wanted to post this photo here before I do my review and tell leg thanks for the nice work!

Here is my color matched chik with holster and strings :slight_smile:

Thanks for the great craftsmanship and the solid deal on a really nice holster sir. B)


I’m super glad you like it! And nice photo btw, it looks really cool!

And I’ll be looking forward to the review. As I’ve said, reviews are most appreciated :slight_smile:


News of the official sort just now surfacing! A report here from home base:
I will be away this coming Friday to next Friday! So all orders starting Friday will unfortunately have to be pushed back until NEXT Saturday/Monday. So if you were planning on ordering one, and are using Paypal, let me know ASAP! I will be able to ship on Friday, but can’t take a new order on Friday because there’s not enough time.

Thanks for understanding, and/or patience!

And I’ll be sure to announce my return and maybe a couple other things :wink:



I guess I need to post this here finally!!.. I am so happy with this!!! So much that I will be getting more soon!!!