Legyoyo Holster, Breaking News: Sponsoring ISYYC


I really enjoy those pics! Really brings out the holster in essence.

Thanks for posting :slight_smile:

And I’m super glad you like it!

(Erik Kerber ) #82

whoa that matches perfect

ive got a oronge red and yellow summit do you make a holster in those color to match?


Send Legyoyo a photo of your summit and he will rock it for you!


I should have posted this months ago, but here is my Legyoyo holster with my custom anodized Spyy Solaris (done by England1414 following a Yoyospirit polish). I was basically going for Denver Nuggets themed stuff and everyone did a great job! Thanks again for the holster! I’ve used it daily for months and it’s just as good as the day it was received!



Sure do! Though I won’t be able to make and/or ship it until Saturday. As the op states I’m away on vacation now. And don’t get back until Friday night (as far as I’m aware).
But if you send me a picture, or a link, or have some Q’s on what/how things happen that’s cool. Our timeshare has wifi, so pming’s no problem. I’m just away from ‘the factory’ :slight_smile:
I’ll look forward to further discussion :slight_smile:

Awesome! I love the blue and good color combo! Certainly a gem. I’m glad you like its look, and enjoy the durability :slight_smile: thanks for the pic too :slight_smile:

(Erik Kerber ) #86

Cool cant wait to get one but I gotta have the money first so im not ready to get one now but somtime in the reletivly near futur ;D ;D ;D


Question on the omikron jr.
Does the foea hold very well?
If the holster sees alot of activity and back and forth/side to side swaying is there any way it would fall out?


Legyoyo has designed his holster to be extremely durable and there is a little piece that almost locks your yoyo into the holster so o answer your question no it will no fall out its secure in your holster until you remove it and not a minute before. So the flea can go back and forth up and down and still be perfectly ok.

You will not be disappointed I promise, between the product and the customer service you will be thoroughly impressed. Give it a Try and if you aren’t happy in the first 5 days I’ll buy you hot
Holster from you.

Buy It with a no hassle guarantee from me! Love it or sell it to me. Either way you will have lost anything.

  1. I know you will love your holster if you give Legyoyo the opportunity to work for you making a custom holster :slight_smile: .


I have worked many hours on each and every holster I have available to ensure pristine quality. I go through sufficient testing and purposeful roughness, because I don’t want this to be a trial and error with customers. Just trial and error with myself. I believe this is what’s has set up a good product. And that includes the Omikron Jr. I’ve had it (with a flea) on my keychain for quite some time with no problems what so ever, and it should most definitely hold your flea as snug as a bug in a rug (pun intended :D) :slight_smile:

And no worries. If it turns out to be flawed I’ll take it back and send you a new one! At no extra cost!



I’m back! And takin orders )


Not to bug anyone buuuut… Free tracking with orders of two or more holsters is now available! SO now it’s an even $20 if you buy 2 holsters :slight_smile:



That’s a good deal 8)



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thanks guys! I thought it was about time a gave a little more to make the tag on these bad boys a bit lower :slight_smile:

But look forward to even more cool stuff. Great things are in store! Oh, plus, don’t forget! I made an official “Legyoyo Holster” website! So be sure to check it out, it’s

There’s no store, (because I’m selling them here). But it’s pretty cool to see. So let me know what you think would be cool and I’ll certainly consider it!

Also the review section isn’t up yet, so stay tuned!

(Erik Kerber ) #96

Nice job on the website its looking really nice

Good Luck


Thanks so much! It does look pretty cool, but there’s much more to come/ much more tweaking. So stay tuned for the next episode of “what in the website is that?”

(Erik Kerber ) #98

hey leg whats your youtube channal? so i can subscribe


I’m not sure exactly, haha. I’ve had trouble with my google account and don’t use the one the commercials on anymore. I’ll let you know when I figure out what my new ones username is. Searching 'legyoyo" might do it, but probably not. Thanks for asking :slight_smile:


http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC29Vqr15cZbWbbrz7Ht7jDw?guided_help_flow=3&ytsession=ebhG3dzsWdjLFWGLqDHhl_QQDkqxziXt6zOl8-jftlvdGbA_YUi_zwOwGzO9sh3_KxQapJjpBVIQvbOxjU7mP34Dq_YGAwJVFl_m8V4L2GvYmXRox3wVFHxsq3QRnGgOy6uAbmIVXeC6s7oW6bCTOMgKV5Zt4DqqqiCrxUmAy_agxLZC_6YayFIbiGU9mczy6SPyRoFn1XxPFko6Dr4igSAwJlklEbCyMJlFpsb8ipxqo4waV8Osq0qoSy2OBM1M64wxo5TLkbnMVhKo3zjXMKkeAZE6XAtvb0pPCiIucGw Is this it? I just set it up. Though I plan on updating my demo video, and am going to have abby and my collab on there… Maybe. She just might keep it, not sure. But yeah… good stuff, thanks for asking about it! you’ll be my first sub!