Legyoyo Holster, Breaking News: Sponsoring ISYYC


Popcorn and my lawn chair and looking forward to all your videos!.


speaking of which, just took some updated footage of the demo video! Now to find a free editor with a reasonable amount of editing options :slight_smile:


I have two programs I can work on it. PM me and we’ll chat.


Pm sent, my friend :slight_smile:


leg and I are working on an awesome video… It will be on both our channels eventually. But not soon maybe in late October is my prediction.


Indeed! Can’t wait for the weather and string to get to me, so I can start! :slight_smile:

And big news! Free Legyoyo Keychain with the purchase of a holster! But act now, the offer ends in two weeks, October 27! check out the op for some more details!


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What is your youtube channal?


abby’s is “a Brodsky” it has a picture of a legacy 1 :slight_smile:

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Can you give me a link to her channal? so i can subscribe


Check my profile it has my YouTube channel on it.

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ok found it

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that looks awesome by the way


Thanks man! It took a bit longer than I wanted to get it out there, but it’s all good now :smiley:


Just gonna bump the keychain news. (Can’t have y’all forgetting free stuff :D)

AND early bird news! Working on something special with fellow forum member TotalArtist! So keep an eye out for that too!


I know what this is it’s gonna be good.


the video is out check it out here!


How about them LxTA, huh? :smiley:

Also, anyone know of a good free video editor? Not movie maker (we’ve had a "complicated relationship), and not Mac stuff, we use windows



Not sure, besides Movie Maker. :-\

Totally cool working on this project with you Legyoyo, the holsters look fantastic. I just put them in a photo shoot today. So classy, with the strength of paracord. What’s not to love? ;D Get yourself one today. :wink:

Legyoyoholsters2 by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

Legyoyoholsters1 by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

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Those holsters look amazing Great job Legyoyo and TA


Thanks! I’m loving the turn out too! I really like them, and I’m glad TA got something out is it too!