Legyoyo Holster, Breaking News: Sponsoring ISYYC


Yes, yes, I like saying yes ;D
(The original post was accidentally lost, so this is just a filler XD)

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Treat released! And now you know! Yay!

Check out OP for de-tails

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Nice! I think the holster buddy looks pretty funny :smiley:


yeah I have one in my holster it keeps my Yoyo company when I am not using it!

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LOL :smiley:


Seems like the holster buddy is friend to all :smiley:

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all is true about the holster buddy!


Need a Christmas gift? Do your parents need a realistically priced gift idea for you?

Why not consider a Legyoyo holster!


come on now leg yoyos products are some of the best holsters out there if you don’t have one you need to pick one up.


Thanks abby! I’m glad to hear the love’s still spreading XD


Alright guys, you heard the man, change’s a foot! But not literally, figuratively :smiley:

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Good Luck with school legyoyo


Thanks Erik! It’s an adjustment, but it’ll all work out ;D


these holsters are too awesome they need a bump


Hey Legyoyo, I have a question. Have you posted a video anywhere showing how each of these different models hold the yoyo, and exactly how the yoyo is removed/put into the holster? Some of them I’m not 100% clear on how they work.

Really thinking about buying one (or two) of these. Just not sure which model I want – being able to get the yoyo in and out really easily while still having it secure is important to me. Which is why I currently carry in the Unknown Descender – super easy, but yoyo always feels secure.


Also, any chance you have lime green?


Hey Basepi! Thanks for the question!

I am in the process of making a new video for my holsters, the old one simply got too outdated. But looking at the pictures if you notice the tie, that can get pulled up, and the loop that the yoyo goes in is able to freely slide wide enough for the yoyo to come out.
And I’ll have a video up shortly. It’s been pretty busy now that summers started, but that’s definitely on my list of to-do’s!

And we do have a like green, as well as a glow in the dark green, if that sounds like anything you’d like as well

Thanks for the Q’s!


my personal favorite style for his holsters is the omnikron it just looks so nice.