LegYoYo holsters - the review!

so you might be asking yourself this question as you read the title… “Why should i buy a LegYoYo holster?” well i am hopefully going to answer that question for you.

First off i’d like to say this is a young man that is business minded and his top priorities are quality over quantity, customer service, and complete satisfaction with his product!

this young man took what i needed (my request was vague and not exactly to the point at first. I asked for a holster to match a dragonslayer Chik nothing more nothing less) and with in a few days messaged with a made holster that was beyond my expectations, the fit and finish was very professional and really amazed me in all aspects of the process.


LegYoYo takes an amazing amount of pride in his work and it shows in how he deals with customers and their orders. He is also a very creative person that can fill your need and wants for any custom holster, while you rest assured that he will come through with something that will top your expectations (but in the off chance that the first go isn’t all that you hoped he will go through and rework it until you love it, although i dont see this being an issue in a lot of instances, but i know there will be some as you cant please everyone all the time.) and take all your ideas and color combos seriously.

so if you are in need of a holster that is done right and will last you a long time and can double as a life saving device while you are out yoyoing in the wilderness then LegYoYo is your man and his holsters should be in your plans!

thanks for taking the time to read this, i hope leave this thread thinking of picking up one of LegYoYo’s holsters!

if you have any questions i will do my best to answer, but if i can i know LegYoYo will be an active participant here as well!


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Awesomeness! thanks so much Snafu! Greatly appreciated, wonderful picture, awesome overwiew of my business in general, what more could I ask for :smiley:

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That picture is beyond awesome. Nice review also! I love mine.

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Thanks guys! I’m impressed and love supporting little guys doing big things :slight_smile: .

How do these things work? Like how do you carry the yoyo? Belt loop?

You can hook it anywhere off the side of your pocket on a belt loop if you wear coveralls then they fit nicely on the strap latch, basically anywhere you can stick it securely.

Makes much more sense than the name legyoyo holster. I’m sitting here thinking bout something along the lines of a band wrapped around a guys thigh with yoyos hanging off it. Like chaps, guarders, etc… Very opposite of my wtf, why would someone use such an item to carry throws lmao. Seriously I wasn’t going to comment until I knew it was for sure something way different than a holder that was “leg” oriented.

I wear cargo shorts in the summer so carry two throws comfortably most of the time in the lower pockets and in the winter I wear jeans or dress pants so may could actually use something like this since can choose the colors. Much better vision in my head than originally thought. I was dumbfounded at what people were willing to look like just to carry a throw. WOW. Glad I was way off! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well, once the yoyo is securely fastened in the holster (if you check out my bst there’s a little demo vid [that’s over due for an update] that has how to do that depicted) all you do is clip the carabiner (otherwise known as belt clip) to whatever you’d like :slight_smile: it’s most common to put it on your belt loop for everyday carrying, but I’ve put them on backpacks, small tree branches, the top of my pants (if they don’t have loops), and probably a couple other places. It fits wherever a clip can clip :slight_smile:

To carry it with me, I clip to my beltloop but then also tuck the yoyo into a pocket while walking.

When I get home, it hangs from a keyhook in my front hall, usually with a yoyo still in it. :smiley:

i really want 1 now how much do the cost ?

one payment of exactly ten dollars USD :slight_smile:

For tracking its an additional one dollar (total being $11 if you so choose)

And for out of country orders shipping cost varies depending on the current price status USPS is charging

Definitely but one I have one and it bounces around on my backpack with my Yoyo at school and it stays like that all day. Until I’m home. But dang I wear this holster everyday I its gone through thick and thin and it still looks brand new.

I’d comment about how I purposefully be rough on my holster to test it’s capabilities, but that may sound a bit biased :smiley:

Been peepin them for a minute! Legyoyo could u do one to match the arkham triton?

In intrigued… How do I obtain this Leg hostler?

pm Legyoyo, im realizing i shoulda done just that! Lolol

Buy it and if you don’t like it I’ll buy it from you (if you don’t like it with in the first 5 days of owning it I’llbuy it from you, no funny business here just know that the holster is awesome and you won’t want to give it up once you own it, but if you do I’ll gladly buy it from you for purchase price.

Just read this little nugget of info and go to here when done  :):


im trying to con my mom it to letting me by one ok this is a delicate process

Con! No, no ,no. Please don’t do anything outside of your mothers wishes. Strategically asking however… ;D