Review Of the Epsilon Yoyo Holster


Now to start off, I never imagined myself really needing a holster. I have always had a nice case to hold my throws, but now that the Summer is here, I figured it wouldn’t be a bad Idea. And for the Price, it was absolutely worth it.

But to let you know, they are made by Legyoyo here in the forums, and he offers a great price of 10 dollars with FREE shipping. (Great Deal)


So I bought the Epsilon design. It is the latest one that he started making. It is an excellent design. One thing to note is that the tightening fastener is actually a Paracord braid. Not one of those squeezy adjuster things, which is great. Also, he offers great color options, Including glow in the dark AND Camo. The colors are nice. Also the holster is not very long and doesn’t flop all over the place, which is great.


This is where I really appreciate the holsters. I’ll start off by addressing the Carabiner. They are great heavy duty clips. They are nice and springy and snap in place nicely. They can support up to 150 pounds which is nice. And as for the paracord, it is very strong. It is not as Cumbersome as I expected, it’s actually relatively soft. Therefore is will not harm the surface of the yoyo. I have tested it by walking around with it on. I walked through the Library, and even the woods with it. It held onto the yoyo VERy snugly and did not loosen up. That’s definitely a good thing.


I wasn’t able to find many downsides, as it is very simple and made well.

Over all:

They are great holsters at good prices. You can get them here in the forums or Ebay I believe.

For a score I give it 9/10.


Nice review short and sweet




Good review! Love my Legyoyo holsters, too!


Yep I love mine!


Thanks so much Noonar! your review is very appreciated :smiley:


It wasn’t a problem bro.

I’m just glad you like making the holsters and always have a positive attitude about it.


You forget to say when your stranded in the wild you can rip it apart and turn it into a rope!