Yoyo Warrior - new Kickstarter campaign

Hey everyone, I wanted to introduce my Kickstarter campaign “Yoyo Warrior” you can find information here: http://kck.st/1aUw90V the website is coming soon: www.yoyowarrior.com

It’s been a long process to get this off the ground but we’re 3 days into it and 25% funded with 50 backers as of this posting, I’m very stoked about the progress so far. I want to intro to this community in particular because if all goes well this is only the tip of the iceberg as far as what we will produce in the future. Check it out, I look forward to your feedback. Thanks!

Looks cool. What are the specs? (weight, diameter, width, etc.)

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Looks awesome and well thought out.

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Finally a pro yoyo not made in china for under $100. Keep it up! :wink:

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Burnside Chik Rally 54 Yelets

Btw this kickstarter looks great. I can’t donate myself but I’ll try to spread the word.

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Looks Great Man Keep Up the Good Work

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I’ll update with the info - thx for all the kind words, very encouraging!

The only thing you could do to make those throws look nicer would be to do splash finish but the black does look really nice

I actually like the engraving on the black but I wish it would end up in the 54mm range

Yea I like the black to I was just thinking it would be kinda cool if there were different colors

I just checked out the website and the vid was pretty cool cant donate though but Good Luck on reaching you $8000 Goal!

After watching the video, I understand most of your inspirations. You got the profile from the DV888, and the leveled rims from your Super G. It’s a good concept, but it won’t work too well in combination. The DV888’s focused on having maximum stability for its small sides, which is why they gave it its flat rims. It sacrificed trapeze-width, but its very solid for its size. The higher-end YYF’s (like your Super G) have stepped rims to take off a bit of rim weight and keep it floaty. In combination, you’re mixing two contrasting ideas that don’t work very well together.

I understand that your first production probably won’t be your best, and I’m interested in how you will learn from this, and maybe produce better yoyos from it.