My New Yoyo Case

Hello fellow throwers,

Im currently working on my own yoyo case, and i really wanna go all out. its an aluminum case, color silver/grey, and it will hold 12 yoyo’s, with three small side compartments. on the top half of the case it will have a removable panel that will hold string, a swiss army knife and any other tools or items for yoyo maintenance. now the cool part is that behind that removable panel i will install some speakers that will have an aux jack for my ipod. the reason why i want speakers in mine is cause i like to yoyo outside in public places and i really dont like throwing with headphones on. plus i think itll be cool if people can hear my music while i yoyo to it.

i already started working on the case and so far its coming out really good. but i dont want to half a-- the work on it. i want to make it look professional as possible. i will post pictures when i finish for everyone to see. and please send me some ideas for what else i can install in the case. if all goes well i might even consider making some customized cases and sell them.

Never thought of the speakers. That’s an awesome idea. Do you plan to have it battery powered or will you have an AC cable coming from your case? Lol.

Very cool though.