I'm developing a innovative new type of yoyo holster. Have a look!

If you follow The yoyo Reddit, you likely know of my exploits already. If not, these postings should show you how far I’ve come.

My latest official model is shown here. It focuses on being a versatile all in one tool kit that holds your throw.

This is a new experimental model. Much slimmer, and it clips to any pants.

This is an experiment in alternative mounting systems. , and turning the holster into a stand. Many like it the most of all.

So here’s my pitch. Yoyo’s have gotten alot more advanced in past 10 years. Whether it’s 5a, Bimetals, or the 9 Dragons, theirs been alot of evolution in the field of throwing. Shouldn’t the way you carry your throw evolve too?

I got sick of carrying my throw in a normal dangly holster. It got stuck in every dam door, desk, door, passerby, seat, door… I hate it. And don’t even get me started on the scratches. I don’t care if it’s a beater no throw deserves this. And even worse, you ever have someone walk up to you And ask to see a trick? And then walk away because it took you 5 flipping ever to get the yoyo out? (Me neither but it takes to long.) And if you chuck it in your pocket… Well is that a yoyo in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

That’s why I’m developing the EDC Holster. Because we need a better way to carry our throws.(that, and my college semester project is to bring a 3D printed product to market…)
But I need help. I can only think of so many ways to improve this. I want all of you to critique my designs and suggest ways to improve it. Do you have an idea? I want to hear it. Once this holster is nearing completion, I will begin a Beta Test where I will ship out holsters for a reduced cost, in a limited edition color. (Certain famous persons and youtubers may receive a free holster in exchange for a review)

So what do you think? How can I make it better? Of particular value is tools and features in the holster you want to see, opinions on multiple models(a cheaper slimmer version, a
Big toolkit model, ect.), prices you might pay (please be realistic).

Thank you so much for your time!

Looks interesting! I like the white/gray one you are using with the pgm. More, different angled pictures of the product would be great!

Few questions:

-You mentioned durability, have you tested that yet?

-Let’s say when you are walking with a yoyo at your side and bump into something, does the holster stay very stiff against your side or does it allow the yoyo to move around a bit?

I wore an earlier model for about 2 months. Its shown below

It looks good as new and was made with thinner parts. Hopefully before these go to sale, I will be able to test them further, probably using a hammer and running them over with a car. The car is optimistic but… Its the goal. I intend to offer a quality product. As of now, I would say that these are very strong.

So yes, even unfinished these are quite durable. I use PLA plastic for now, which is hard, but for a plastic, brittle(still very durable). Its also cheap and easy to use. However, ABS, Nylon, or maybe Polycarbonate would better. I’m leaning towards ABS for a good cost to strength ratio.

The idea of this holster is to prevent the yoyo from ever getting far enough from your body to hit something. In my 2 months of wearing it as a college student, I have not once gotten it stuck on or hit it on something, as it never goes farther than your arm. Though… My backpack does hit it sometimes when I take it off, but that happened with my old swingy holster too.

But to answer your actual question, The holster uses bungee to securely hold the yoyo. So if hit, the yoyo shifts a bit. Do to the tension and a ridge in the front of the holster, it would take a very hard hit knock the yoyo out. It has never dropped my yoyo. You basically have to pull out and twist to remove your throw. Its fast and secure.

Sounds pretty good to me!
Let us know how the durability tests go!

Will do. Let me know if you have any ideas

This is pretty legit.

Hey Revolution…I’m on the Reddit too and followed your progress…I like this new proto type w/ the new tool and the fact you can mount it safety on the side of your belt is the bomb! I like the double ability to mount it horizontally or vertically…whatever you Want! Yeah! Baby! Yeah!
When will you be ready to manufacture them for sale? Or maybe you are ready to test now?
I will be happy to test for you man…rockstar & rockstar62(on Reddit)

Not to rain on your parade but that’s more of a hardpoint than a holster. If you want a holster check out the silver bullet 2.

Thanks for the kind words. I’m not sure when the Beta test will be, but I will post about it when it happens. Their may be limited spots, so keep an eye out

I think it’s a good idea but I have some questions.

  1. How long does this take to print?
  2. Based on that time would this be sold mass-produced or could you only sell a few?
  3. Does your school allow you to use their printers for a business, or is it purely academic?
    I hope I don’t sound like I’m trying to discourage you but I have some experience 3D printing and these are some of the common issues I run into.

If you have any questions lmk! I think your idea is great and would be happy to help!

Sounds cool. Hardpoint holster. How is the SB 2 a holster? It’s a yoyo

Thanks for your concerns.

As of now they take no more than 2 hours to print with a .4 mm nozzle at .4 mm layers on a Makerbot replicator 5th gen. I intend to purchase my own printer by early next year, Probably a Prusa i3 mk2, though a farm of maker selects is looking good too. I will look into better materials and larger nozzle sizes. I think .8 mm nozzles be ideal.

I don’t expect more than 5 orders a week after an initial burst for release. Prior to release I will print 100

Sorry, I hit send to early.

If I am selling more than 10 a week, I’ll look into a print farm, or adapting the design for laser cutting or perhaps injection molding/ cold casting. 3D printing these is my semester project, so the goal is to print all of them. The teachers actaully want to cover all costs of printing and have me use a 3Dmonstr they just got. Which would be nice. The goal of our 3D printing lab is to jump start entreapenears.

I have it mostly worked out.

I could use advice on what material to use. I plan to do different colorways and special editions,but I was thinking ABS was best, due to increased durability and the ability to smooth it with Acetone. Otherwise Woodfill might be a nice upgrade once stained. Nylon could be dyed, which would look nice. Also, PLA has proven durable and pleasant

It’s a yoyo that comes with a fine leather belt holster.

Oh? I didn’t know the SB-2 came with a holster. Cool.

Crappie pic, but you get the idea.

That’s pretty cool. Not as fast as my holster, but very classy

So do you have any advice?

I suggest ABS, because it’s strong and light and comes in some really bright colors. If you’re going for durability there are some special types of PLA with Carbon Fiber and other materials in them. It might speed things up for print time if you go with a lower infill, which should also reduce warping and doesn’t affect strength.

I also think it’s pretty great how you’ve thought all this out because I think a lot of people underestimate the amount of work that yoyo-making/accessories require.

Heh. Thought this out. Lmao.

I’m just making something I would want.

I agree about ABS. PLA is proving more than durable, So ABS should exceed my needs once acetone smoothed.