YoYo T-Shirt Design


Don’t know if this is the right place for this but anywho here it is! I designed this t-shirt this past week and had it printed let me know what you guys think.
The Design:

Me Wearing It:

enjoy :smiley:


I like it.


#1 Good job. Your art work is sharp, clean and very reproducible. This shirt could be marketable. The only thing I might have done differently would be have both paws involved doing a double-or-nothing or some other trick. The yoyo just sleeping at the end of the string is less interesting.

#2 Is this to be silk screen printed or was it a digital transfer run out on a color printer? If your thought is to mass produce these shirts for sale silk screen is the way to go. It will have a longer life through laundering over time. However, if it is silk screen printed I am counting seven or eight spot colors which would run into serious money for a long run. You would have to print a large quantity to get your cost per shirt down to a marketable price. Then you have to sell them ALL which could be tough.

I am not trying to discourage you, I think you have a really good idea going here. The art is very professional and emulates contemporary popular images. I believe you could be on to something, I am just hoping to help you think through where you go to from here with your concept.


Ha making the monster doing a double or nothing and making it look good would probably be incredibly difficult. Just congratulate him on an awesome t-shirt and be done with your negative comment.

(M²) #5

I like the art a lot. I can’t say I like the catch phrase though.

(J△NW△LF W△LF) #6

I would make it black ,so string would be more visable.


Negative comment? What negative comment? If he has the talent to create this art as we see it now he has the skill to bend the elbows and bring the paws up. Once you’ve got one arm done it is simply a matter of mirroring the same approach on the other side. It wouldn’t be that difficult given the level of aptitude he has already shown. If he doesn’t want to do that fine, as the creator that is certainly his prerogative. Within his statement; “let me know what you guys think.” is the implication he is open to suggestions for change.

The rest of the post was simply an attempt to think through with him what would be his next logical step in moving from his prototype to production. In other words address him in a professional manner and brainstorm along with him in what may give his concept a greater chance of marketable success. The suggestion…“Just congratulate him on an awesome t-shirt and be done with your negative comment.” is at the same time of little help to Ian1 and unnecessarily offensive to me.

No one wastes their energy polishing a rotten apple.


What program did you use to make the art?


How about something along these lines…


I like it.


I used adobe illustrator for it :slight_smile: my dad uses it for his work since he’s a photographer and graphic designer so I use illustrator to do things like this and yoyo designs as well :slight_smile:


Hahaha very true ^^ and don’t worry I didn’t see it as a negative comment I find your comments very helpful since some of the stuff like having the monster do something more complicated I hadn’t thought of. and the other reason I showed this is so that maybe a bit later on I can start mass producing these to sell since I think like me most others would wear more yoyo type apparel if there was some different varieties out there and more of it ^^


cool, thank you. I use Aviary.