YoYo tshirts for sale

Im into graphic design so i decided to make you guys some yoyo shirts on zazzle if your interested

if you his view all products on www.zazzle.com/yoyotime then you can view them and buy them

they look like this so far

If you’re really into graphic design, you’d know the importance of proper grammar and punctuation.

And in my opinion, the F in ‘for’ shouldn’t be overlapping the yoyo graphic, especially since none of the other letters are. It just looks sloppy.

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i did that on purpose…

i think they look great I would get one if I had money

Can I ask why? What was your reasoning for the overlap?

i thought the curve of the f would blend with the curve of the yoyo

Why are you guys criticizing the shirts? If you don’t want one, don’t buy one.

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AMEN! Sheesh let a fellow thrower design how he wants too. Why don’t you guys go try designing a shirt? Justis, you finally took my advice, I told you it would work.

Relax guys. My question was a valid one that the artist answered. And while it’s nice to see fellows running to each other’s aid, there’s really no need for your personal grievances on his part. He appears to be fine with it. And had you asked, you’d know that I’m actually a schooled graphic designer with a college degree in that field. You can put the chains back on the dogs. :wink:

Anyway, he’s probably loving it because of all the free bumps.

@ djjjyo - I really think the yoyo in both cases should have a string. Even if just a hint of one. Without it, I’m not sure what I’m really looking at. Just my opinion.

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I think to every mans his own opinion but mine is there great one thing though you need more designs to chose from cause I like just looking at them great job man

I think the original poster needs to have this thread locked and start a new one. Maybe in that one people will be more respectful and follow the rules about posting in others BST thread?!

You’re right. But, I’m an artist at heart. When I see design, I like to discuss it, so I joined in. I probably should have just pm’d him, but in the spur of the moment, I responded.

Uh Oh! :o I probably should have pm’d THIS post to YOU! I’ve done it again! I’m out of control!
Won’t someone please stop the madness!!

btw, if he sells out all these t-shirts, just how disrespectful have I been. Really?

I love the second design, but the text layout is a little funky and jesus isnt very versatile to appeal to all audiences