Yo-Yo T-Shirt Ideas

This is what I got so far. I’m trying to make some cool shirts and yo-yo related stuff.


The shoot the moon shirt is cool

Glad you like. I’m working on some more ideas. I’m also wondering how many people would get it if I just wore it around…

i dont think many people would get the shoot the moon…at least not at my school. im the only one that yoyo’s so…idk. i like the yoyo like a boss. that’s pretty good. umm…i dont know what other kinds you should do…maybe a rock the baby and have some yoyo slogan under it. or maybe white budah but no matter what, you should have a yoyo related slogan so people will get it. thanks dude, i may actually consider buying one of these ;D

on shoot the moon instead of having a moon have a yoyo and on the side of it have a moon cap. so they know its yoyo related. you could also make a shirt with an up and down arrow on the front of it and a yoyo on the back.

you could also have a brain twisted into a string with a yoyo on the bottom. get it brain twister.
you could also have the yoyo doing a brain twister.

you could also have a splited atom.

someone running down a ladder

a big tangle of strings
a baby witha rocker upside down.

you could have a green light turning to a red light.
you could have a yoyo being dropped in a bucket
a side winder rattlesnake
an atomic bomb
a ripped paper cord
a binder
you could have a yoyo with a trench coat. matrix
a plastic whip
a video being rewinded
a zipper
a bouncy ball boing e boing
a boomerrang
a roller coaster that says mcbried
a worm and a hole
a mad buddah
the word eli hopping
a skinned gerbil
a wip made out of a jade rock

the vietnam revolution with a yoyo as a sun

a gyroscope doing a belly flop into a pool
a jade being dropped into a bucket
someone being seasick
a triangle with a man on a trapeez next to it
a fishing hook with a yoyo on it
someone holding bombs
a black person hopping (im not racist)
a skateboard rail through a triangle
superman sign with a yoyo in the middle
an hour glass2 iron whips
a whte buddha

I like the shoot the moon and Yo-Yo Like a BOSS!

How about Orbit the Leg?

Lol nice mrsnipes, you took the idea of a literal interpretation of a yo-yo trick and made an a long list =D I might try and design a few of those. Ill post here again in a bit with one.


Those are pretty insane… :o

I would, depending on the price, get the LEARN TO YOYO No strings attached one, and the Yo-yo like a boss one.

I’m gonna see if I can lower the price a little bit more. You can actually buy them from that link if you like them.

thank you thank you i accept your gratitudes. o wait wrong place. lol

great designs my favorite is the learn to yoyo No strings attaches awesome job

did you sell any.

literal man on the trapeze design is in order?

Yeah, I’ll probably buy one of these when i start up the yoyo club at my school. :smiley:

I’m on it.

Also, @Inifinite Choas, I had starting a club in mind when making the “Learn To Yo-Yo” shirt.


I made a shirt that says “I (heart) (green triangle)”. You could use that.

Awesome. ;D That’s the one I was looking at. How long will these be available?

The shirts should be available for at least a little while.

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