Yoyo Club!

I plan on starting up yoyo club again next year and trying to keep it going. Could any of you guys come up with a name and shirt design? I was thinking String Machines but we also have String Masters (guitar club)already so I want to gear some ideas.

pm’ed about name and t-shirts

I didn’t get a PM

well then i called you (its conner ::)) ur soo lame ;D

I know but it is just that you said you PM ed so I thougt you had more to say.

Are you a team of a club. If a club how about reveluction yoyo club

It is going to be called We Throw Riverside we just need like a logo and tee shirt design.

well he have logo/t-shirt i just have to print em ;D :-\

We have a couple of ideas needed to be drawn out, still open to more.

ill try to get a logo and t-shirt design. what shape u want them to be?

hey its themaskedyoyoer. i know you are kumaskater on youtube and u subbed to me. how hard id it to join the club.can i join?

The club is actually like, Riverside local. It’s the club I am starting at my school. I don’t think your a local here so, I have to say no.

u mean a school club? aww. dissapoint me why dont you.

but i thought of a cool logo. just write the name of the club in string, and have the yoyo on one end

I thought about that too. It may turn into a big thing but as of now it is a Riverside club, that happens to be at school.

crap! lol i live in canada. can i make a logo anyway?

Yeah, I would love for you to make one. The club is just that locals will be doing colab videos and hanging out.

sweet. lol no offence but i never cared about the club. i just wanna use my photoshop for something different then making wicked wallpapers. lol. what u want the dimensions to be?

Make it big, like tee shirt sized. If it needs to be smaller I can shrink it.

ok ill get them done as soon as i can. if you have any ideas email me at g0t5k1llz@gmx.com

and by that i mean if you have anything youd like me to add to it like a pic or a certain element or any ideas ill try to make it work. also pls give me a theme or something to work off of. just so i dont start to make something you wont like.

i think if it said we throw riverside in string down the side like the general yo tee’s then had a yoyo at the end that would be sick.