Yoyo Club!

do you mean the one with the stars? i can do that. and were would you want the yoyo. also i emailed you a design i made. its kinda like graffiti on a brick wall that says we throw riverside. and from the second r in riverside there is a spyy addiction yoyo hanging down.

Cool, I didn’t get an email send to wethrowriverside@yahoo.com

I waanted like the general yo placment but without the stars. and a yoyo at the very bottom.

heck, make the yoyo a hatrick or something. Generalyo is based in Riverside

Nah, the new ministar,

ok but you gotta fond me a pick. its realy hard to crop out objects that have similar colors. so try to find pic with the yoyo being oposite color or close to it then the background. the addiction was the best one i found. sorry i would try to find one myself but i have exams in 2 days.

and how about I take the background out for you CS5 makes it super easy.

ok. ill just swap it in. did you get the email now. i re-sent it

ok so we also need to remmber the 3 color rule becuse screen printing is harder when we have more the 1 color the price go’s up to my uncle said that he will cut us a deal but we also need to try to use less the 3 DIFFENT colors and shoot me over the final idea to my email so i can give it to my uncle

ok but i dont think we could do a t-shirt like that then. especialy if u want a yoyo in it. i can make that for the logo that u will put on sites and stuff but for t-shirt i try to do the string think without the yoyo

ugh i tried to make string. its actualy a lot harder then i thought so i tried looking up so tutorials and i couldnt find anything. i could try to do something else for the t-shirt. sorry

one more thing. do all shades of gray white and black count as one color?

dont stress theres no time limit we have untell the stat of the school year so we have a long time just try to keep colors down like 3 colors max and if you coluld send it to me and him my email is

The Flaming Strings

oh sorry did not see your post they will be sepret colors sorry for speeling im supper sick right now