Yoyo Clubs

I’ve been throwing for almost 2 years now (not counting a 3 year pause in between the 2 years) I am back to it, and loving it more than ever. As I think about it the main reason I stopped throwing was because I had no one to do it with. So I thought instead this time what if I started a yoyo club maybe it could help get more people involved, and also I wouldn’t feel like such a loner.

So with all that being said I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on if this a good idea, and maybe give some tips on the best way of starting a yoyo club? I’d love to hear some ideas.

Clubs are great, even if there are only a couple people.

We started one that has actually been going for over a year now, which is pretty good considering that we don’t have as many Throwers in NC as some other places.

I suggest a couple things.

  1. Regular meet times at a regular location. This is tricky because it will be impossible for a business to monetize you being there. No business is going to make money selling yoyos or they would have already done it in the area.

  2. Set up a Facebook page to help people find you. Choose a good name, and get some free advertising with FB. Also, there is a good presence there in general.

  3. Post to the community. There is a club page here so that’s a great place to start, maybe see who is in your area (where is that by the way?), but also there is a map on the Throwers Reddit that has lots of people who throw on it. You can always message the ones in your area individually to see if they are interested in meeting.

So there was a club in Reno called Yolex, but they stopped getting together so I wonder how many people from there still yoyo. Do you think I should reach out from their old FB page?


Thanks for the help guys but I’m having no luck finding other YoYoers.
Oh well being the only thrower in Reno Nv is kinda cool!:joy:

Haha same here. I’m pretty confident I run North Jersey.