Advice for running/starting a yoyo club

Well it’s offical the first meeting of the desert city throwers/ El Paso city throwers is going down next Sunday at 4:00 memorial park so if you live in the greater El Paso area Who is even remontly intrested in yoyo then come on down because as far as I know we’re the first yoyo club in El Paso history we’ll be gettin a face book page up soon enough but yeah it’s gonna be fun any way of any one has any advice on runnimg/ starting a club getting a Facebook page up for it I’d be glad to here it because I am clueless :grinning::grinning:

flyers, craigslist ad’s, Show up on time every time, stay till it is over every time. Set a certain day of the month/week you do it and be there every time.
expect slow growth…
Big plus have it be someone the parents can hang out. I used to have mine in a restaurant that also had a bar. A huge limiting factor is parents getting too bored too bring the kid.
Bring and expect to let people use your yoyos. Expect people too brake, lose, mishandle, ding, and otherwise mess up the throws.
Bring general tools too fix/work on throws, like file, hex key for all common sized axles. Bring extra string for people.
At least one chair, you will want it. providing chairs for the parents is also a good idea.

Thanks man appreciate the advice