Looking for some yoyos to start a yoyo club?


My club has kind of died at my middle school, so I have yoyos to share. If you would like to start a club for beginners but don’t have the money to buy everyone their own yoyo…

Thanks to all who enquired, but ALL of the yoyos have been shared. I appreciate the interest and the kudos from other members. Just trying to keep the fun alive, is all! ;D


Sorry to hear the school club has lost popularity. It was very cool of you to donate the starter yoyos to the next upcoming club.


Thanks, French. Yes, I’m glad they’re going to a good home.

But now this thread looks really self serving, so if the mods want to delete it, that’s cool by me.


Very kind of you to help a club, hopefully the right person will see this and take you up on it, weekend forum activity is pretty slow.
We have a club in the Raleigh NC area, but since it is organized through a Science Safari store and promoted via FB and the YYE forum, we don’t have any beginner players, so we always keep a few fixies and responsive throws available, but we seldom have any takers.