Yoyo Club

I started a yoyo club at my school!


I’d love to start a yoyo club at my school, but frankly I don’t think that anyone would show up.

Good luck in future yoyo club aspirations.


Congrats! I’m always glad to hear people sharing the love. Sometimes it can be tough when starting just hang in there and never give up. In the end you will be glad you did this and so will others.

congratulations !

you should blog about it as well as use some FB features (FB group works a charm for this kind of stuff), have web presence

Today I was just about to ask a school person if I could start one, but I had yo catch a bus. Maybe tomorrow.

what do you do in your club, cause i just started one in my school n id like to see other peoples ideas, or way of doing things.

i am starting a yoyo club at my school also i will post a video around spring or late winter ;D