Online yoyo club?

Hey fellow yoyoers, I was thinking about starting an online yoyo club. Anyone up for it? We could share collections and help with tricks and stuff! I thought that would be a pretty cool idea. One thing though…I don’t want to be the leader. I’ve been in that position before, and I’m not really fit for it.

P.S. post club name ideas…My idea is “YoLogic United” :stuck_out_tongue:

Members list: YoyoART, Superspylee, KingRoxas206, nicholi2789

Seriously…someone reply?

if you want you can join my team ,team spinfreaks ;D

that sounds cool i would be a part of it but not the leader

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Id help out if we started a yoyo club what should we call it?

I’m in and how about spin it

sure! Ur in. I’ll add that to the poll


Online yoyo club = Forum


Okay…Spin It it is. No one likes the name the copper throw monkeys?

That sounds pretty cool. Can anyone join?

Of course, everyone’s accepted!

When are we going to start this thing and who is going to run it and make the site?

lol I didn’t knowwe were makin’ a site, and no one has volunteered yet…

Doesn’t having a club online kill the entire purpose of a club?

not really! u can still have contasts and collabs and stiff!

Isn’t that what the forum provides, at basically no cost to you?

Then why bring it up?

Yah I guess its going to be like a forum.

you can just join my team, team spinfreaks. I’m the leader and it’d be cool to get more people. Actually we could consolidate , if you’d like, and become 1 team, I already have 6 other members now and we could become 1 large team ;D