Checking interest

Hey everyone!

I have been prototyping a yoyo that I am designing to be manufactured by me and I am hoping to do a Kickstarter for it soon. It is going to be 3D printed out of PLA plastic. I have gotten to a point now where it plays awesome and am now ready to move forward with this project. Any questions or insight into this I would love your feedback. Also Andre Boulay if you are reading this, then you should pm me as I would love for this site to be the main seller of these yoyos. Thanks you all!


There’s a couple people doing 3D printed throws these days

Pics would be the most helpful

Also it would be awesome to see you use glow plastic

Where can I find out more? I am looking but can’t find anything as of yet. I can definitely make this happen. I also have wood that I am going to experiment with.
Glow PLA that I found from a quick google search. Purple would be amazing,72104.0.html
The other 3d printed yoyo

“the” other? I have a few hundred that would disagree with that qualifier.

Kyo: Will you elaborate on that?

I have spent literally hundreds of hours trying to perfect this so that I could offer a version I will be able to manufacture at home and a higher end one that will be printed in exotic materials.

You’d be best off PM-ing Andre (Yoyoexpert) yourself rather than asking telling him to PM you. He’s a busy man and I’m not sure how often he is able to browse these forums.

I love the idea of printed yoyos myself. I’ve been following Fluidprintdynamics’ closely, and will likewise be watching this product with keen interest. :slight_smile:

As Sparhawk said, any sort of pics or specs would be lovely.

Purple caps + yellow body = :o

Once had a classic of this color.

How about this one?

Lol Gambit I was just tossing it out there for the crazy odd chance he reads the forums. I really like the hexagon yoyo that was shown it just doesn’t have enough weight.