Throwing my 3D Printed Yoyo

Throwing around my 3D Printed yoyo I call the Ripple. I have 3 up for sale on my fb page if interested. Sorry for the video quality and bad lighting, wanted to get this up so people could see! Didn’t have time to edit or anything, but another time maybe.

Certainly an excellent idea to start 3D printing yoyos, you get a big thumbs up form me for that. ;D Looks like great work so far, I’m interested to see how these progress. Would you ever consider taking custom designs perhaps?

thanks! and absolutely I would!

Looks great! grats on the idea!
you should add the specs for it.

Am really considering if i need to buy myself one.
need= really really want
problem is i already have yoyos coming in the mail.
I wish you luck on your business!
maybe sometime in the future i will have the pleasure of throwing one of your yoyos,
they look like they are very stable.

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This looks absolutely astounding. I myself was thinking how a 3D-printed yoyo would look, play, and feel. You should produce a small run , sell it on the forum, and receive feedback. You can make your own company with this idea. As a result, I wish good productions for your idea ;D

already did lol and no one has bought any yet, they are priced at $35 for regular colors and $45 for glow in the dark.

I might consider making an order after the Christmas backlog of mail subsides (and I’m less broke…whichever happens first). Would you consider shipping to Ireland? ;D

sounds good :slight_smile: and oh absolutely, you just need to give me good shipping instructions since i’ve never shipped over there before :slight_smile:

do they have long spin times? Is there some rim weight? last one… What kind of plastic do they use to make these 3d yoyos? It would be cool if you made a documentary like OD/CLYW did for the summit

They aren’t as long as some metals, but they have very playable spin times, I also have found that this plastic, PLA, grinds better than most plastics and that results in better spin times too. I’ve also attempted abs plastic, but abs is harder to print, and it was the same density of pla so it offered no real benefit.

Because this plastic isn’t very dense, without adding a weight ring it’s hard to get a ton of rim weight, but theres enough there with an even weight distribution to get pretty great times. I can get through my longest combos with it.

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Has anybody ever tried printing with delrin?

I’ve got a suggestion. I’ve noticed that 3d printed yoyos always seem to come out rather rough; could you somehow lightly sand the halves to get them to have a smoother finish. I’m not exactly sure how it would work. Just a thought…

not sure, I could look into it, but i’m not sure the benefits of delri.

They look that way because of the way its printed. The “roughness” is really just the difference between each layer of plastic. I suppose it could be sanded, but I honestly think it’d make it look worse, cuz this plastic doesnt sand all that well. Also the “roughness” makes for better finger grinds. It’s not enough roughness to hurt or anything, it’s really just how it prints. At least for the style of my specific 3d printer. There’s others out there that print in different ways that don’t do that.

Oh, okay. From the pictures I’ve seen, it sort of seemed like it would be too rough for comfortable grinding.

How much does it cost you personally to make each one, not counting labor costs.

try it and see :slight_smile: really its not bad.

and sorry, but that’s not something I’m going to answer lol depends on a lot of things including how many prints it takes to get it perfect.