aspiring yoyo makers!


Didn’t know where to put this but here’s something to cook your noodle.

Now imagine making your own YoYos when and however you want. Discuss.


I was under the impression that 3D printers were too inaccurate to create the precision required for yoyo design.


Well this one is pretty accurate. You should see some of there videos. Impressive. I could see this in the future as a way to design and play a yoyo before production. Make tweaks easy and improve quality. My question is since it can print down to a grain of paperthin by paperthin, it would be a solid plastic. Would it be as heavy as delrin or better yet can it print in delrin instead of cutting it. Delrin is still plastic so it can melt and can it handle higher temperatures. I read on there website that you can buy different plastics with some that are as hard as a rock.


I saw that someone used an older and slightly less accurate version to make these added on rim sorta things (similar to what weird did on the split decision). If the old one is accurate enough to do that, then this one might be good enough to make some nice yo-yos.


Oh that’s what my dad wants to buy he says he wants it so he can play with it and so I can make my one yo-yos for free!


you still have to pay for the plastic, and that can’t be cheap.


Ghost get one please!!! Lol


Heck with the YoYo store right.
Just start making them instead.
I would like to see it work first tho.
With a YoYo i mean.


That would be just soo cool…


let me know when you get it … you should be the first one to test it out … so that the rest of us can figure out if we want one…

how much is this thing?


A little more that 2 grand.


I’ve been talking with other peeps about this thing for a while. 2 grand is a lot, but it is still far less than most commercial 3d printers. However, I don’t think there would be someone who is willing to spend that much on this when they don’t even know if it will work for yo-yos. then since nobody will buy one, we may never know if it works or not…


we need someone who can actually use this for other things and also likes to yoyo! the hunt begins!