Letting My Imagination Run Wild


Maybe one day I can make these!



These look amazing.


Just a touch of rim weight on those. Are you worried about cutting string with all the lacy parts, though?

(SR) #4

Please please please make this.



You wouldn’t happen to know B!ST, would you?


I may try making the second one, first one is a joke!


That would be amazing…


I saw something just like this somewhere online it was 3D printed. The guy was asking $500


The silver one looks like it would be floaty, while the black one seems like it would be very solid.


Cool. It reminds me of B!st yoyos.



(DOGS) #12

Oh, you tease. I looked at the first picture out of the corner of my eye and for a split second thought it was real.


Ill try to find it. H e said it was inspired by the 2008 Olympic Arena. This is a little different since its 100% plastic though. While the one in the pic is all of the weird line thingys with weight rings
EDIT: Found it http://www.flickr.com/photos/kyotoys/5595388523/


Oh yeah. I’ve seen that before. That and the Spyy Radian SuperLight were my main inspiration.


If you where to try and grind in those you’d lose a finger.


Put me down for a raw one.

I have ideas.


Personally, it reminds me of the Nostalgia (google it)


i’d totally buy the silver one if it were made. Looks INCREDIBLE!


the first one would be a collector’s edition yoyo, but you should really make the second and make it your signature yoyo


aren’t those both B!ST yoyos?